The Zelmenyaners, AUDIO review


I am attempting audio reviews for the first time, by recording them at VOXER, and then embedding them here for you.

I apologize for my lack of expertise, my accent, and any mistakes. I assure you I will get better at this. I am also adding some information mentioned in the review.

The book at Amazon,

I checked it out through Hoopla, 

I read about this book at this blog, Solodelibros

Moyshe Kulbak was the author, the book was serialized on a newspaper from 1929 to 1935. In 1937 Kulbak was shot by the Stalinist faction of Bolshevik Russia accused of being a member of the anti-government cultural movement.

IMPORTANT. At the end of my review, I meant to say this book SWEEPS YOU OFF YOUR FEET, not that it sweeps you away! (I knew I was missing the word feet somewhere in the idiom, and as usual, the preposition was the wrong one, it is off, not away.

This is the link to my audio review:


2 thoughts on “The Zelmenyaners, AUDIO review

  1. Thanks, Linda.
    It doesn’t seem to be a popular post at all, though. But I had lots of fun doing it. Maybe a video will be more viewed. In any case, the book is wonderful.

  2. Oh Silvia, it was so nice to hear you speak! Now I not only have a name and a face but I have a voice to know you by! What a wonderful idea, audio book reviews.

    After listening to your review I’m thinking this might be a book for the 20th century category of Back to the Classics Challenge seeing as I haven’t decided on that one yet.

    Thanks for the great review!

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