My Friends the Poets

COVID 19 has changed much in the way we relate to each other, don’t you think? We can’t see, hug, or spend time with as many people and friends as we used to earlier in March. My friendship with Sherry hasn’t changed in that regard. I’ve known her for 4+ years, and I’ve never been fortunate to meet her in person. That hasn’t stopped me from feeling her always very close to me.

I consider her a real life friend, and not just an online friend. She’s close to my heart, and one day when I meet her, -and I pray for that to happen-, I know that we won’t take long to feel familiar in each other’s presence, as close friends do, after the many years of emails, messages, cards and letters, and the occasional exchange of presents.

One of those presents has been, for the last two years, the Winsconsin Poet’s Calendar. I agree that reading poetry is not that easy. It requires attention. Borges and I’m sure many other authors, speak of how necessary it is to read poetry.

The poems in this calendar are always there as I open the pages to write my appointments. That makes it easy to read. It’s such a rewarding collection of real people who write poetry. From Wisconsin to Texas, poetry is written, and read. The poems are varied, and very relatable, but also unexpected and exotic. It’s a very rewarding collection. Some poems have made a huge impression, and Sherry’s featured poem is one of those.

The poem featured above is my friend’s Sherry’s poem. And this reminds me that I have another wonderful friend here, local, who also writes poems that I cherish and admire. She’s Kim. This is the first stanza of her latest poem. Being a mother myself, her poem was a beautiful ode to motherhood.

The asking, the answering, the arguing
The breaking, the bending, the believing
The consoling, the caring, the crying
The demanding, the denying, the dying
The embracing, the erasing, the enjoying

click on link for the rest, if you wish

What is most remarkable, it’s that both these women are people of faith, who always pray for my family and for me, who never fail to talk about the Lord we serve at every exchange we have. They are humble and beautiful ladies, very talented. I’m grateful to be their friend.

10 thoughts on “My Friends the Poets

  1. Thanks for sharing the poems Silvia. I avoid poetry because I assume it will be cryptic and over my head but I think I got the message in both poems which makes me happy!

    Internet friendships can be wonderful, can’t they? There is so much about this medium that can be unpleasant and show humans at their worst. But making and maintain good friends is one of the most positive aspects this technology allows.

  2. Those are BEAUTIFUL poems. And I enjoy my online friendship with Sherry and Kim, too. ❤ Not as deep as I wish it could be, but they've blessed me often.

  3. Such a reminder of how important poetry is. It’s something that reaches your soul quite easily. I should start a poetry commonplace book. That would be cool!

    True friends are rare but definitely a blessing! Hold them close (figuratively, of course! 😉)

  4. I admit I have a hard time with poetry. Some resonates with me, however. It depends on what visual images they provoke.

  5. Loved the poetry Silvia! Thanks for sharing, as I wouldn’t have otherwise come across these poems. Your post today was a lovely testiment to friendship!
    Is that gorgeous book with the flowers on the cover, featured at the beginning of your post, your daily journal? If so, I’m envious! It brightens the day just to look at it!

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