Movies List

This past year, I’ve seen that, many of you, book lovers, also watch good movies. It’s my goal this 2020, to start watching and re-watching more quality movies, the kind I used to go to when I was in my twenties and lived in Madrid. And I thought about keeping track of the ones that stood up most on a list.

I have Netflix, but I also have Kanopy, and a good friend who owns truly excellent books and movies, and who is kind enough to let me borrow them.

In case you don’t know, Kanopy is a free movie rental through your library card. It’s similar to Hoopla. For some reason, Hoopla stopped being available in my county, and it’s when I found Kanopy.

If I have watched the movie, the rating system will be the same I use for books.

If there’s a book to the movie, I’ll write a B, if the B is bold, I’ve read the book. I’ll add the publication year for the book, and also the release year for the movie:

★★★★★ Not to miss, worth re-watching
★★★★    Books that surely have stayed with me.
★★★       Very enjoyable read, recommendable.
★★          Meh. Nothing remarkable.
★             Run.


  • Badlands, Malick ★★★★★ 1973
  • The Conversation, Francis Ford Coppola ★★★★★ 1974
  • B. 1980 The Name of the Rose ★★★★★ 1986
  • B. 1989 Remains of the Day, James Ivory ★★★★★ 1993
  • B. 1991 The Firm, Sidney Pollack, ★★★★★ 1993
  • B. 1992 The Pelican Brief, Alan J. Pakula, ★★★★★ 1993
  • The Thin Red Line, Malick ★★★★★ 1998
  • The New World, Malick ★★★★★ 2005
  • B. 1992 Children of Men, Alfonso Cuarón ★★★★★ 2006
  • Michael Clayton, Tony Gilroy ★★★★ 2007
  • B. 2005 Never Let Me Go, ★★★★ Mark Romanek, 2010
  • The Tree of Life, Malick ★★★★★ 2011 (As you can see, I do appreciate all Malick movies I’ve watched. I find them masterpieces).
  • B. 1868-1869 Little Women,★★★★★ Greta Gerwig, 2019


  • B. 1915 Rashomon, Akira Kurosava 1951
  • B. 1889 Ave sin nido, Chando Urueta, 1943
  • B. 1936 The Makioka Sisters, Kon Ichikawa, 1983
  • B. 1963 I Am David, Paul Feig, 2003
  • B. 2006. (The Elegance of the Hedgehog) The Hedgehog, 2011 Mona Achache
  • B. 2005. The Book Thief, 2013 Brian Percival

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