My Grey-t Journey Update


This first photo you see, it’s me exactly 6 years ago, when I turned 40. That makes my daughter 6. That year I also left my hair go grey, but after a full year (or longer), of not coloring it, I started again until almost 5 months ago.

As you can see in the next two pictures, the crown of my head has some not tamable grey hair, 🙂 and even wispy sticking out greys. But they are mine. And I like them.


In the picture below you can see the sides are also showing some greys. I went to the hairdresser in an impulse, and my usual hairdresser wasn’t there, but another nice lady was, and she did great. I remember the tip of another hairdresser friend of cutting it in layers to get the color out, and that’s what I asked for. (Not all hair does well in layers, but mine does, so I have this new shorter hair cut). I may leave it long again, but first the colored hair needs to be cut. I don’t like too short hair styles, and, believe it or not, I can still do a pony tail -with lots of hair clips, but I can, and that’s important for me when I go to the gym classes, or when I run with my neighbor. (I am a social workout person, I never work out alone. I just can’t).


In the last picture, apart from the glasses reflection, you can see the grey shows less. That is because of the light and angle. Although the hair doesn’t look back, I am again impatient because the brown still shows more around my face than the newly grown grey. But who said this was going to be fast? It is a lesson in patience. And I can surely take it.


And what you see it’s what we get here in Houston, temps in the 70’s and 80’s, though today and over the weekend, they have promised us we will be in the 50’s. Yesterday at church it was the first time I could wear a scarf and jacket, and enjoy the feeling of warmth around my neck. Everybody is getting a bit sick here too. My girls were under the weather last week, and friends and acquaintances have been like that too. I only got a couple of days of the sniffles. There’s no miracle thing that will prevent you from getting a cold, or a stomach virus, etc. I have found, though, that drinking or eating a grapefruit every day helps a lot.

I got this Ninjablender for christmas, and I love it. It is perfect for those grapefruit juices we have at home.

11 thoughts on “My Grey-t Journey Update

  1. You look adorable in every one of these pictures!

    And congratulations on being able to wear a jacket! Today it is -6 with a windchill of about -21. I’d love a t-shirt day! But at least we have no insects–there is always a silver lining. 🙂

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  2. You always put a smile on my face, Sherry. Yes, I love whatever weather the Lord sends my way, because being alive in this world is such a blessing.


  3. My gray hairs are increasing. 🙂 And we have snow today! Yay! We’ve declared it a snow day and my hubby and daughter went out to play in the snow and I get some extra reading time in front of the fireplace! 🙂

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      1. We don’t have a “real” fireplace. 🙂 We’ve always wanted a fireplace and were fortunate to have a real one in a house we used to live in several years ago. It was so nice. But the house we live in now has no fireplace. So last year, for my hubby’s birthday, we finally splurged and bought one of those nice electric fireplaces. It’s encased in a nice wood entertainment center and we love it! 🙂

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  4. You look lovely, as usual!

    And speaking of weather, at the moment we have a few snow flurries…very few…but it’s brrrr cold, like in the teens. So far, our winter hasn’t been much of a winter, but that could change, of course. We’ve barely had a dusting of snow, nothing to shovel so far.

    I swear by vitamin D3 for staying healthy in the winter…and not letting my grandkids drink out of my cup!

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  5. Greytful for your updates Silvia 🙂 You look lovely in your photos! And this winter weather is quite confusing…I never anticipated cold fronts in December and January but am thankful that we’ve received some scarf-and-sweater-weather days!

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  6. I love your new look! You actually inspired me not to dye my hair black again…for now at least. I’ve been dyeing my hair for the last couple of years, but my scalp got itchier and itchier. Now that it’s been a few months it’s getting better. Not sure how long I can go without the dye, but I’m loking forward to seeing my own colour again as well.
    I’m planning on going to the hairdress for the first time in ten years! I always cut my own hair, but I want to go out and pamper myself a little.


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