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Audio Books, Accents, and People

What can I say? My daughters most definitely prefer me reading books out loud. I do too. But, when I am the one driving to places, it is good to have audios in the vehicle.

I am glad we chose this title. Unbeknownst to me, -ignorant about children classics until five years ago-, this book has some Yorkshire characters, and that dialect plays an important role in understanding the book and surely enjoying it… I cannot do accents, only my own, :), so we appreciated the narration of the book, with different voices and that sweet Yorkshire way of talking that delighted us.

Through books, you can get to know other people, other places, cultures…  I thank the ladies at Ambleside Online, for choosing this title in a year when, for science, we are learning about the moor through Madam How and Lady Why by Kingsley.

Off the top of my head, I know that Jamaica Inn, Wurthering Heighs, and this book, have the moor as one of the characters. I knew there had to be articles, if not books, on this… here you go, it mentions these three books and some others.



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