Don Quixote, post #4, ch. 9-18

Hello, my intrepid readers! How is everyone doing? I'm enjoying DQ, as well as listening to Midnight's Children, which is delighting me with humor and a picture of India larger than life. It's a tad early to say, but I feel Rushdie is becoming a favorite author. The book, being narrated, acquires this legendary quality.... Continue Reading →

The Death of Ivan Ilych

This is my first read of the Back to the Classics, 2019. This is also one of the books I'm reading with Kim. As you see, I read this in Spanish. I've had this book since 1993, when I bought it and read it for the first time. No wonder I didn't remember having read... Continue Reading →

Trafalmadorians, Time, and Heaven

Missy, our kitten, is smacking her whiskers at the sight of my books. She thinks they are fabulous. I agree. These two titles, Slaughterhouse Five, and The Divine Conspiracy, were books I started in 2018 and finished in 2019. I always have a few of these, and I always count them as read in the... Continue Reading →

2019 TBR Pile Challenge

One more challenge I've decided to join after seeing many of my dear blogger friends joining. The 2019 TBR Challenge at the Roof Beam Reader. As one of you doing this challenged mentioned, I like its simplicity. It was another opportunity for me to give my books some love and attention. This year I'm shopping... Continue Reading →

Back to the Classics, 2019

BACK TO THE CLASSICS, 2019 More book posts! Back to the Classics 2018 is in the books. Time to pick fresh titles for the new year. I had fun photographing my beauties. I wanted to take the pictures in my backyard, on the grass and by the stack of wood, but it started to rain,... Continue Reading →

2018 In Books

I have kept a list of the books I read since 2012. The lists are here, at my BOOK LISTS PAGE. 2018 has been odd. From January til May, I still homeschooled my daughters and read aloud to them. They started school in August, and I have not been blogging or interacting with other readers... Continue Reading →

The Great Gatsby, Take II

I'm about to review The Great Gatsby for a second time! This was my first review: Be cautious in bestowing admiration, And cultivate a sober moderation.Don't humor fraud, but also don't asperseTrue piety; the latter fault is worse,And it is best to err, if err one must,As you have done, upon the side of trust.Moliere... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving with a Mediterranean Flair

My husband and I, we are adopted Americans, both born in Mediterranean countries. We have adopted many American customs, we consider ourselves Americans, after over 20 years of living here, and 18 years of marriage this November. This Thanksgiving, we celebrated it with our friends and neighbors. We prepared everything the same Thursday. Easy going... Continue Reading →

A Pale View of Hills

July 5th, and A Pale View of Hills is on my kindle. I had to read it all. A couple of World Cup games would be as long, so, no harm done! After reading it, I can't but admire the title. Ishiguro has a spell bound quality to his writing, most salient in this short... Continue Reading →

The Buried Giant, Last Post, #3

This post discusses parts III and IV to the end of the book. If you have not read it all yet, you may want to wait, or you'll encounter spoilers. If you've finished the book, you may probably want to discuss and unload your thoughts with others. That's what I've felt twice! The very reason... Continue Reading →

The Buried Giant, Post #2

Welcome to WEEK 2, where we'll discuss CHAPTER FIVE TO END OF PART II   You should know that I've written the 3 posts for this book club in advance, so I have no clue about whatever was discussed last week, -if there was nice participation, or it was a solitary post-. In any case, I... Continue Reading →

Remains of the Day Discussion

First and foremost, Happy Memorial Day. What do you do on this day? We've been going for many years to a commemoration ceremony that takes place in a nearby park. After, we'll join friends for a time together. The discussion of The Remains of the Day has started today at Karen's blog. She's done a great... Continue Reading →

Missing Categories and Favorite Books

It doesn't fail. As I published my last post, the Ultimate Favorite Books, I remembered those titles I didn't include. For example, a Travel Category, which should have After You, Marco Polo, by Jean Bowie Shor, and The Royal Road to Romance by Richard Halliburton. These two books are written by travelers in the 20th century,... Continue Reading →

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