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Missing Categories and Favorite Books

It doesn't fail. As I published my last post, the Ultimate Favorite Books, I remembered those titles I didn't include. For example, a Travel Category, which should have After You, Marco Polo, by Jean Bowie Shor, and The Royal Road to Romance by Richard Halliburton. These two books are written by travelers in the 20th century,… Continue reading Missing Categories and Favorite Books

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Ultimate Favorite Books

Some time ago, I made a list of what I called my Most Influential Literature. At times, there's a FB challenge, or a blog challenge or thread that asks us to state our top 3 favorite books, or our 7 best books ever. These are difficult questions, but they always motivate me to contemplate my… Continue reading Ultimate Favorite Books

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Persuasion, or the story of a reluctant Jane Austen’s fan

What's all that fuss over Jane Austen? I just didn't get it. Apparently, I needed some persuasion to find out, -he he. In Madrid, during my high school years, we didn't have to read Jane Austen. I don't believe we should force ourselves to read this or that unless it's a cheerfully and self-imposed dutiful… Continue reading Persuasion, or the story of a reluctant Jane Austen’s fan

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Magritte, Don Quixote, and Quantum Physics

More than twenty years ago, I stumbled upon a book with different paintings by Belgium Reneé Magritte. I felt an instant fascination for his paintings. I couldn't stop looking at them, dwelling on the many thoughts they inspired. I found his stone still life paintings captivating. Time, eternity, death, the futility of human activity and… Continue reading Magritte, Don Quixote, and Quantum Physics

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The Deshumanization of Art

The Dehumanization of Art, and Other Essays, Ortega y Gasset When I bought this book, the title sounded to me as something negative that art was, according to Ortega, undergoing, its dehumanization. As I read the essays, (the first one who gives title to the book, and which contains different sections, being the longest), I… Continue reading The Deshumanization of Art

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Tomatos, Flies, Poetry, and Randomness

Recently I finished two different books of poetry. One was Soledades, galerías, otros poemas, by Antonio Machado, which has many of his books in English too, the other is a bilingual edition of Selected Poems by Pablo Neruda. Reading poetry in Spanish is what made me, in particular, a constant reader of poetry. Before I… Continue reading Tomatos, Flies, Poetry, and Randomness