Book Clubs/Read Alongs

I do love reading along with others, and discussing the books in company. I decided to invite readers to join me to read The Gray House, and it was such a lovely experience that I repeated the invitation with Kafka’s The Trial.

I decided to have a page to link to the different book clubs I’m hosting for whoever is interested in visiting them.

Reading Don Quixote Together

The Gray House Book Club

The Trial Book Club

The Buried Giant Book Club

Remains of the Day Discussion

2 thoughts on “Book Clubs/Read Alongs

  1. The Gray House Book Club…
    Question: I am reading this book now…I guess it is about a year since you read it and wrote this book club blog about it…I am pretty convinced at this point that Grasshopper and Sphinx are the same person, Grasshopper at some point gets renamed as Sphinx? I am at about 40 % of the book (Kindle ed.) Am I totally off base here?

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    • Yes, we read it a year ago, but you are not off base, you are totally right. In the comments of week 3 maybe, we started to speculate who was who. There’s Grasshopper/Sphinx, and others who also have a name change. I’m glad you are reading this AMAZING book. We all loved doing so. (The comments, and Yuri, the translator’s explanations helped us get much more out of it.)


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