About Me

We are a family of four. I was born and raised in Madrid, and my husband in Malta, Europe. My husband was a christian since he is twelve, I became a christian when I met him and he brought me to the Lord. I obeyed Christ in baptism a few months after I met my husband, and since then we’ve been together in the Lord and in marriage for almost twenty years.

We have been blessed with two wonderful daughters that sparkle our days with their ingenuity, their sense of humor and their love for God, us, and each other. Their smiles can light a room (and I’ve been told this, 😉

I taught for six years in the Texan Public School System, and I don’t see me as a detractor but as a constructive critical thinker about education, schools, and strongly interested in educational principles, methods, and connected with other parents who blog about their experience educating at home and simply discussing topics such as math, Charlotte Mason, early childhood, the Bible, politics (yes, I have strong opinions but try to be gentle when I voice them).

After 14 and 12 years of homeschooling, of days together, learning, cooking, reading, taking walks, being with friends at a homeschooling co-op, etc., my daughters joined two different schools this past August. Six months after, I can say our life has change for the best. I thought I was going to homeschool for longer, until they graduated from high school, but though I don’t regreat having always had goals and plans, I’m certainly glad to not hold them immovable.

After almost two decades of marriage and children, of health crises, and life obstacles, there’s been lots of blessings and grace. The Lord has been good to me. If He wills, I’ll be back in a few more years to update this page once more.

Texas, January, 2019