I made it! Simonetta Perkins, Classics Club Spin #30

Simonetta Perkins ★★★

87 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 1925

by the British writer L.P. Hartley.

Simonetta Perkins was my book for the Classics Club Spin #30. I knew I would finish it on time, given that it’s only 87 pages. Goodreads readers rate it at 3.3 stars. I do too, I think it’s a 3.5 star book. I’m glad I read it. It’s also one of the #ReadingJanakay books. I can understand why people who review it, while liking it, coincide on it needing more pages, and maybe that’s the reason why many, Janakay included, prefer his other title, The Go Between.

Many comment on the beautiful language, and on the similarities to Henry James later style. I also see both things. It’s definitely a book in which things happen inside the mind of the protagonist. As one reviewer remarked, we won’t find much in terms of what makes Emilio, the gondolier, the object of Lavinia’s (aka, Simonetta) love. I thought that Emilio represented an impossible love due to societal norms, and he was the forbidden, exotic, and unknown to Lavinia.

As another Goodreads reviewer wrote, I too found Lavinia quite languid and depressed, -maybe she had been oppressed and didn’t have any particular traits that caused admiration in her circle of friends and family. A person not happy in her skin, for whatever reason, she didn’t seem to be living her truth.

I found it an interesting read, it paints an effective picture of a young confused and conflicted person, a setting, and a class in the American society of that time.

5 thoughts on “I made it! Simonetta Perkins, Classics Club Spin #30

  1. “A person not happy in her skin, for whatever reason, she didn’t seem to be living her truth.” I haven’t heard of this book before, but that line alone makes me curious about reading it.
    I hope your new school year proceeds smoothly.

  2. Despite slightly more than lukewarm reviews I’d probably enjoy this, seeing as how I’ve a yearning for shorter novels and novellas at the moment. Not a title I’d heard of before so thank you for drawing attention to it!

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