Summer of 2022 & Reading Plans

My summer is over, friends. And it’s okay. It’s been a wonderful summer, it has truly surpassed all my expectations. Since I start at a new school, this Monday we will have a newly hired week training session, followed by two weeks of regional and campus training to prepare for the students arrival on August 15th.

I’m looking forward to this new school year. During our training, we will meet with no less than 4 authors. One of those sessions will be with author Sandra Cisneros, best known for her first novel, The House on Mango Street.

I have some read alongs with friends coming up. First, with Karen, we’ll be reading My Family and Other Animals. Her Penguin copy looks nice while mine is old and tattered. I bought it many years ago in Malta island, at one of those old garages that sells vintage things. Regardless of its age, its spine is in good condition, and it’s a cozy book that I started to read and quit, and that I’m now looking forward to reading in full with Karen.

The other read along, with Amy and maybe Kim will join us too, will have to wait until September. I chose Moon Tiger, from #ReadingJanakay.

Karen, Amy, Kim and I, want to read an Ishighuro title together as well. I decided to ask them to wait for the Japanese Lit month, next January, and read A Pale View of Hills. Dolce Bellezza has pointed me to many great reads with the Japanese lit challenge and other read alongs. I can’t wait to join her in another one, I am back to her blog updates and waiting for the right timing.

As you can see, my missing Ishighuro titles arrived while I was on vacation. It was a good decision to buy the missing titles since I love rereading his books.

Here you can see the neighborhood I lived from 18 years old until I left for the States at the age of 27. My parents still live there. It was great to visit, though that heat wave they’re experiencing in Europe was very challenging. The deaths and fires are very concerning to the population.

While on vacation, my sister, my daughter and I, went to Alicante for 3 days, and we had the best time. There the temperature was bearable, specially by the gorgeous Mediterranean.

Back in Madrid, one night we went out to dinner, and we walked through part of the Parque del Oeste de Madrid, which was also a pleasant temperature after 8:30 pm when we did so. This park has wonderful views of Madrid.

Back to “my barrio”, where my mom cooked one of my favorites, lentil soup.

I joked that this early morning picture that you see below had some Stranger Things vibes. Like Karen, I’m also watching Stranger Things. My daughters, specially my oldest, recommended me this series which I am enjoying.

And I close with this amazing paella that doesn’t look as good as it tasted. In Alicante they nail this dish. Any fish and seafood is gloriously fresh and the seasoned paelleras are like those woks where some Asian rice is cooked to perfection. The crunchy borders and bottom layer are the parts to fight for.

I guess I am a slow reader. I only managed to finish Watership Down, and I am now reading the short Simonetta Perkins, a novella, which was my Back to the Classics spin book. I see many of you who read and review so many books, and I am impressed by that, but I can’t read fast for some reason, lol.

Also, the museums we visited merit a post on their own. This is it for now. I am thankful to the Lord for this summer that I will never forget.

18 thoughts on “Summer of 2022 & Reading Plans

  1. She gives great tips
    The thing is round rice
    Fumet (the fishy broth)
    She moves it a bit because her burner is not as big
    From boiling, 16 minutes and then setting time
    I don’t think she gets that burnt part, that’s for restaurants with big flame burners but her rice turns good
    She cooks at home specially rice and she gets it right because she looks for pointers of what to do more than for same steps always
    Rice we need to adjust
    Make a good fume ir broth first
    That gives the rice good taste

  2. I think my problem is we have a lovely shiny stainless steel paellera that I struggle to ‘burn’! Paella was our lockdown dish – Mr Books and I cooked it for every special event that we missed sharing with others and the first night we could catch up with both boys & GF’s to dinner – it was paella time!!

  3. Lol, yes the liquid has to evaporate completely, but I don’t cook it either. Another thing is the paellera or pan, and also usually our burners are small, they cook it with fire all underneath the pan, that’s why the paellera pan is so blackened in the picture! I can look at some tips on video for home cooking paella if you want.

    I was blessed to be able to visit my parents, yes!!!!

  4. Wow, what an amazing holiday you had! I’m so glad you got to spend time with your family and wander the streets of your childhood. Lots of happy memories….

    PS I’m still trying to learn how to get the good crunchy bits to develop on my homemade paella. I think I finish with too much moisture in the pan.

  5. Love this update Silvia! All your photos in Spain are gorgeous 🙂 I also have a copy of My Family and Other Animals and it looks charming. Looking forward to reading others with you!

  6. I listened to a couple of Nocturnes before my audio rental expired many years ago and I was loving it too. Ishiguro never lets me down.

    I am very refreshed, I hadn’t felt this well in a long time. I hope you are having a good break too. I think you will appreciate Klara and probably hear the echoes to other books in it. Floating World and Pale View feel more like fall/winter books to me. If nothing else, remember some of us will read Pale View in January! Hopefully you will join us, LOL.

  7. Lovely bookish things and wow! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous trip photos. There seems to be a special kind of light there and I love that it shines through your photos. I’m looking forward to reading with you and others! 😌♥️

  8. Lovely to have all these memories not only stored in your head but now shared too! Hope you’re feeling refreshed mentally after touching base.

    Lentil soup is such a comfort food isn’t it, and with carrots and potato and everything I’m already salivating!

    I’m intending to read Ishiguro’s Klara title this summer, but Ive also got the Floating World and Pale View waiting for the mood to take me. Nocturnes I really enjoyed, especially for all those musical references.

  9. It was wonderful to read about your trip and see all the pictures! So glad to hear you enjoyed your visit. And how fun to be able to get to meet four authors during your training! Tomorrow’s the day – Can’t wait to start our book! And it’s going to be great to read another Ishiguro book. So, do you have all of Ishiguro’s books then?

  10. Just for you I will! Thanks for the comment. I have already read and loved Pale View, I want to reread it but I will wait until January.

  11. Silvia: what a wonderful post for a wonderful visit! Love the photos, especially the soup and paella (I’m pretty hungry right now). Can’t wait to see what you think of Moon Tiger and/or your post on Ishiguro’s Pale View. I keeping my fingers crossed that you post on your museum visits . . .

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