Nothing to Envy

Nothing to Envy, by Barbara Demick December 29, 2009, 5 Stars, ★★★★★ Not to miss, worth re-reading Where to start? Thanks to Lisa for writing about this book. That same week I had finished reading Pyongyang, an interesting comic by a Canadian author, Delilse, and in my ignorance, I never thought about looking for a... Continue Reading →

Small Book Haul

My favorite local book store semi annual sale has come. Yesterday it was the opening day, and this is what I got. (I went back today for a few minutes and got: A Movable Feast by Hemingway, Far from the Madding Crowd, by Hardy, and Henry V by the Bard.) First book I saw at the... Continue Reading →


Maybe I have found the reason why I can't read most modern and postmodern literature. As I read Frenzen's interesting essays in How to Be Alone, I am impressed by how much I enjoy his writing. His essays are about contemporary topics: The first essay, My Father's Brain, was about his father's Alzheimer. His perspective... Continue Reading →

This and That

These are the absolutely beautiful Cedar Waxwing birds that are visiting Houston these days. They come in the evenings. These are pictures I took from my youngest daughter bedroom's window. A simple meal. Pork breakfast sausage, frozen sauteed veggies, sauteed cauliflower, tomatoes with our basil, and peanut sauce. And one of my current readings which... Continue Reading →

Book lists?

And I type a question mark, because I have been pondering if to make one or not. Years pass by, I thought I read much yet I do not know how others can read tons, literally. I get dizzy, upset even (seeing how little I read in comparison), when I look at books lists, if... Continue Reading →

I urge you to read…

A book that will make you think and laugh and that will become and instantaneous favorite. You won't believe it, you would have heard bad press about it. You may think you need other books to understand it, or other commentaries on it. They may discourage you, or you may yell at me (please do... Continue Reading →

Got Living Books?

This is the THIRD Charlotte Mason Carnival and I have been late to the previous two. I do want to make it to this one for I am passionate about living books. I would like to talk about what LIVING BOOKS have done for us at home. They are our antidote to burn out, to... Continue Reading →

I found this in an online net of old books book stores in Spain. My sister got it for us. THANKS Did you know about this online bookstore? (WARNING: it is very slow charging but it comes up eventually). I did not know about it, I stumbled upon it yesterday, and I found out that... Continue Reading →

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