Such a Beauty!

I am supposed to be editing, sigh, but I could not resist. The first picture is for perspective. Flannery O’Connor’s Complete Stories book is quite big, yet The Gray House is taller, wider, and thicker.


Every book is the size of a brick, but not a brick to read. If we put all of our books together, we could probably build the House in Which…


Such a beauty!

From Yuri’s comment on week 3, some of the books and authors that have presence in the book or that Mariam likes, and a couple that Yuri likes.

The Master and Margarita, and Bulgakov in general
Heinrich Boell, Opiniones de un payaso
Bradbury, The Martian
Steinbeck’s Cannery Row
Faulkner’s Christmas from Light in August
Galsworthy, Orwell, Vonnegut, Stoppard
Douglas Adams
Maggot Moon
Eugeny Schwartz

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