Gray Hair, transitioning to gray hair

My Gray-t Journey, part “I lost count”


It has been four months since I stopped coloring my hair. Wow, four months already? And wow, ONLY four months?

This may seem ridiculous, all this talk about hair. But it is not just that. It is a reflection on life through hair. (Why!, are you laughing, reader? It’s OK, me too.) Most days I am fine with my hair. But some days, some other days I look at my earned crown of salt and pepper hair, among the rest colored hair, and I wish it all the gray were already grown out. This stage makes me aware of where I am heading to, and I remember my friend Linda’s funny and real saying, “the alternative to aging is dying”, so I too take aging. But I still see the look of the little girl I once was, hiding behind the features of a woman who will soon be 46 years old.

I have much to be thankful for. In a conversation with a dear friend, we were talking about those women who have serious surgeries to alter their bodies, (usually tummy tucks and breast augmentation). We don’t know what prompts them to do that, and we are not making any judgments over that decision. Some of those surgeries are cosmetic, some are corrective, and the line is not always that clear. I was commenting how blessed I am not to feel the urge to change anything, even if it were instant and free. I feel at peace with myself. Not because I am always working or making efforts to look good, to be healthy, to dress well, etc., but because I am able, with this body God has given me, to serve and honor Him and others. I am grateful for the 46 times I have circled the sun on board of this planet Earth! I am proud of the gray hair that we sometimes say we have ‘earned’. I don’t know if I have earned it, but it is here to stay.



2 thoughts on “My Gray-t Journey, part “I lost count””

  1. I’m loving the updates on your “Gray-t” journey! They always make me smile…from one gray haired girl to another!

    I have a few decades on you (almost 2) so my journey along the graying path has been longer, AND I began it much earlier than you did as I mentioned in my post.

    I think gray hair is one of God’s gifts to keep us humble. Youth is not forever even if we do make the effort to fool ourselves and everyone else by hiding the gray. I look in the mirror and try to remind myself that life goes on and I have much to be thankful for, even if my hair is thinning horribly and I wonder when the day will come that I’ll be wearing a wig in public! I’ll take gray hair over thinning hair any day! Thank goodness I started out with a head of thick, thick hair!

    God is good! Nothing compares to His mercy of salvation towards us!

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