Schedule for The Gray House

This is the schedule I've planned for our book club. I did it based on the chapters and duration that my audible gives me for this book. I've thought about having a 10 week schedule. But we may not do 10 weeks straight. Every Thursday, starting with Thursday June 1st, I'll post about the book.... Continue Reading →

Reading with Kim

Last year, Kim and I started to meet regularly to discuss, among other things, books. Somehow, we came up with a plan of reading some books together, and pairing them in couples. We came up with these ten titles. And we both read them all, (except I didn't re-read the Odyssey). My favorite out of these... Continue Reading →

The Gray House Book Club

Some months ago, I wrote about a book that hunted me ever since I heard about it in  a documentary about Russian authors.  The book will be published in English under the title The Gray House on April 25th, 2017. You can pre-order it at Amazon in either format: paperback, ebook, audiobook. If you pre-order now,... Continue Reading →

A Reader’s Dream

I'm haunted by a book, and the house in it: the house of the others, the house of the suspended time, the house in which, the gray house. Ever since my friend Jeanne recommended me to watch this documentary I'm attaching below about Russian writers, I fell in love with a book by Mariam Petrosyan... Continue Reading →

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