Endangered Minds and Raising Your Spirited Child

I' m half way through the book and enjoying it so far. It has lots and lots of research and observations at schools, studies from neurologists, psychologists, doctors and informal observations by parents, school teachers, college teachers. I differ in the author's postulates that stem from the supposition we have evolved, and I have my… Continue reading Endangered Minds and Raising Your Spirited Child

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More reviews of children books

Ducktails, a lovely chapter book we've started today. The girls are developing good attention for books without pictures such as this. It has great vocabulary, not kid like words at all, despite of it's size it has that classic style of older writers.Peter Rabbit Giant Treasury is the complete tales by Beatrix Potter and her… Continue reading More reviews of children books


Finally, our schedule for January 2010

This is our tentative schedule for the incoming year. I firmly believe children under 6 do not need to be educated following the school format, but that doesn't mean at all they won't be given any structure or that they won't be doing any learning. These early years are for habit formation, spiritual and emotional… Continue reading Finally, our schedule for January 2010

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Dr. Beechick’s Homeschool Answer Book

Finally my order from arrived, and I'm reading this wonderful book. It's very easy to read, it's a compilation of questions asked to Ruth Beechick, and her answers, as the title indicates.The questions and answers are grouped in categories, I'm finished reading the Pre-school and reading sections, and the curriculum section.I can't get tired… Continue reading Dr. Beechick’s Homeschool Answer Book

Book reviews, science/nature

Science recommended living science book for different ages.I cannot say enough about this book! It was scheduled as part of a 7th grade literature curriculum, however, it is also enjoyed currently as I read it aloud by my 4th, 1st, and even to a small extent my Pre-K child.This book teaches not only about the… Continue reading Science