Ruth Beechick

How I admire this woman. She is my favorite writer by far. I get so much encouragement from her books. If you homeschool and haven't read any of her jewels, do so, you will close the book with a heart full of peace, joy, and regained confidence in what you do. Her books are not... Continue Reading →


Endangered Minds

I have requested this book, and I'm waiting. No problem, I have other interesting books on my nightstand. When it comes, I'll enjoy it. There is a great debate at our Ambleside yahoo group about TV, and one of the moderators, Leslie Noelani, has written this review on the book that I'm linking in case... Continue Reading →

A couple of quotes to ponder

Charlotte Mason on Unit Studies:"The well-intentioned, clever, hard-working teachers who create these concentrated studies have no idea that each lesson is an offense to young minds. Children are eager and capable of a wide range of knowledge and literary expression. But these kinds of lessons reduce their learning to senseless trivia and insipid, pointless drivel.... Continue Reading →

Handbook of Nature

Anna Botsford Comstock wrote this book a century ago, and it has so much fresh and insightful wisdom, a pleasure to read to prepare for nature studies and nature walks.Some excerpts from the book:After all, what is the chief sigh of growing old? Is it not the feeling that we know all there is to... Continue Reading →

Classical Education versus Charlotte Mason

In searching for what will be our personal home schooling model, philosophy, principles, and ultimate path for the girls, I have gravitated between Charlotte Mason and Classic Education as presented mainly by Susan Wise Bauer in the Well Trained Mind. Both approaches or compendiums of thoughts and principles, and their practical lay out in curriculum... Continue Reading →

Frances books by Russell Hoban

We are reading several of the Frances books, and it's truly a delight. My daughters relate to Frances and Gloria. I love Frances, the Hoban's captivate the kid's imagination with a deep understanding of the child's world, and lovely illustrations to match the plots.The CHOMPO BAR is famous at our home!Next in the list is... Continue Reading →


At a time when our government is getting more debt and spending irresponsibly, we in my household are different, trying to live the frugal life. I saw Michelle Obama yesterday in YouTube because since we don't watch TV to spear ourselves of the pain of watching and listening to our public figures and media, but... Continue Reading →

Too much information too little wisdom

Am I the only one who believes that WE, parents of today, have too much information and too little wisdom? I'm guilty of spending hours and pages writing about my children, debating, researching, asking and answering one trillion questions and topics about them, how to make them do this, how to have them learn that,... Continue Reading →

Excerpt from "When children love to learn"

Some who have read Charlotte Mason think that in teaching their own children, they can apply her ideas according to personal whims. Finding out how powerfully a child learns and responds to literature, some make the mistake of believing that reading mostly enjoyable literary books will offer a complete education!Others are afraid of any textbook.... Continue Reading →

No rush no push no need to PERFORM

We at my home are officially in a quest to 'master inactivity' and all our FORMAL teachings are postponed till my girls become 6 or 7!If you want to find us, look for us at the nearby parks, our backyard, or playing at home!We are reading our Bible, though, and many other lovely LIVING books... Continue Reading →

Nature Walks start this Monday 9/13/10

We'll be walking outdoors every Monday for 15 to 20 minutes to observe, study and appreciate nature.From Anna Botsford Comstock's book, Handbook of Nature Study,  I'll be writing and sharing some passages and share them with you to help us understand how to do these walks and how to study, enjoy and appreciate God's Creation... Continue Reading →

Book Lists

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