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Dr. Beechick’s Homeschool Answer Book

Finally my order from arrived, and I'm reading this wonderful book. It's very easy to read, it's a compilation of questions asked to Ruth Beechick, and her answers, as the title indicates.The questions and answers are grouped in categories, I'm finished reading the Pre-school and reading sections, and the curriculum section.I can't get tired… Continue reading Dr. Beechick’s Homeschool Answer Book

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Recent readings

We are almost finished with Pinocchio, but my book was due, and the first one I loved more than this second copy was requested so we had to leave it after just a few chapters. I have requested yet a third one to finish our reading. I've seen the original by Collodi free online, and… Continue reading Recent readings

Book reviews, science/nature

Science recommended living science book for different ages.I cannot say enough about this book! It was scheduled as part of a 7th grade literature curriculum, however, it is also enjoyed currently as I read it aloud by my 4th, 1st, and even to a small extent my Pre-K child.This book teaches not only about the… Continue reading Science


Math resources

Two interesting publishers: Ray's Arithmetic Kitchen Table Math Another wonderful FREE resource: CENTRE FOR INNOVATION IN MATHEMATICS They have free materials (student and lesson plan printable) in both, ENGLISH AND SPANISH. Living Math BLOG Math author of interest: Marilyn Burns

Book reviews, Christianity

A Christian Home Education

Ruth Beechick couldn't have expressed better the kind of education I aspire for my daughters. This is a quote from her book:Dr. Beechick's Homeschool Answer Book I see no reason why homeschoolers should study the various educational philosophies to determine where they fit in, and specially not before they begin teaching. I can tell you… Continue reading A Christian Home Education

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If a mom joins a Charlotte Mason yahoo group…

...chances are she'll read interesting things about other authors and subjects, and she'll start posting questions and even giving answers to other moms. She'll get to see some other blogs of interest, and she'll find out more living books. Once she's confident in finding living books, she will realize there are math living books, and… Continue reading If a mom joins a Charlotte Mason yahoo group…