The Gray House Book Club

For all of you reading along, on Thursday June 1st, I'll publish a post discussing the first section to read, chapters 1 to 7 JUNE 1ST WEEK 1: 1 – 7   LISTENING TIME:   3 hours 52 min 39 sec it's up to you to start reading now, or in the coming weeks June has 5 Thursdays,... Continue Reading →

Schedule for The Gray House

This is the schedule I've planned for our book club. I did it based on the chapters and duration that my audible gives me for this book. I've thought about having a 10 week schedule. But we may not do 10 weeks straight. Every Thursday, starting with Thursday June 1st, I'll post about the book.... Continue Reading →

The Gray House Book Club

Some months ago, I wrote about a book that hunted me ever since I heard about it in  a documentary about Russian authors.  The book will be published in English under the title The Gray House on April 25th, 2017. You can pre-order it at Amazon in either format: paperback, ebook, audiobook. If you pre-order now,... Continue Reading →

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