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Reading with Kim, 2018 edition

It's that time of the year when I get together with my dear friend Kim, to choose what books to read together. We love doing so, and then we talk about them and many more things when we meet for a coffee. These were our past titles: Brothers Karamazov ,which we will read from April till… Continue reading Reading with Kim, 2018 edition

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The Scent of Water

The Scent of Water ★★★✫ 3 & 1/2 By Elizabeth Goudge, 1963 I’ve changed my reviewing method. This is a full star, ★, and this a half star, ✫ ★★★★★ Not to miss, worth re-reading ★★★★    Books that surely have stayed with me. ★★★       Very enjoyable read, recommendable. ★★          Meh. Nothing remarkable. ★             Run. The half star, ✫, would make it closer to… Continue reading The Scent of Water

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Reading with Kim

Last year, Kim and I started to meet regularly to discuss, among other things, books. Somehow, we came up with a plan of reading some books together, and pairing them in couples. We came up with these ten titles. And we both read them all, (except I didn't re-read the Odyssey). My favorite out of these… Continue reading Reading with Kim