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A Gentle Companion

She is so young, so beautiful, and so wise. Those were a friend’s words describing Nancy. I could add many more nice words to talk to you about this dear friend, Nancy Kelly, and to describe all she means to me.


I met Nancy three years ago when she started sharing her wisdom and passion with us through her cozy blog Sage Parnassus. Ever since those days I have gained a loyal friend, a gentle companion, and a mother with whom to share joys and tribulations. Nancy is the teacher of us teachers, her calling is no question that of helping and guiding others in this educating our children and ourselves with Charlotte Mason as our inspiration. Nancy will surely help you find your own answers if you have any, and guide you through making your own decisions. She will help you reveal the joys and riches of your particular ‘home’ and ‘school’ at any step of the way you may be.

If you have started this journey, or find yourself in need of reinventing or sparkling up your journey as a homeschooling mother, don’t hesitate to contact Nancy, this is her consulting page. She will surely be there for you as she has been there for so many of us in times of need.

(*Nancy is also celebrating her three years of blogging with this ‘to die for’ book giveaway you see photographed above.)



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