Giving new authors a chance

Without much planning, this year, my reading is taking very good shape. Maybe I made a good move the moment I looked at my own shelves, thought about the challenges out there that fit myself as a reader, and committed to being patient when adding to my current pile.

Now I want to add some titles to my pile, but I want to do it slowly. I’ve also decided the additions need to include new authors. And specially, new authors with whom I can have some connection through a friend’s review, for example. At my ongoing reading log, I’ve started to record books I want to buy. That’s where I’m keeping track of those books. This way I don’t feel it has to be now or never, but the titles can stay there for a while, and once I’m ready, I can see if my choices are still relevant, and choose from them.

My first book buy this year was Farewell to Spain. I saw it at her blog, and I knew I had to read it. Being from Madrid by birth, and now a Texan, I jump into opportunities like this to read about my country, specially at the time of our civil war, (1936 – 1939).

That’s a new ‘old’ author. Same as Kierkegaard, and Muriel Spark. New to me, but not living authors. I have lots of those ‘new to me’ authors. There’s so many great books to read, specially classics. The new and living authors that I want to give a chance, and I want to try are these:

  • Cath Barton: The Plankton Collector
  • Entanglement, Katy Mahood

Both I knew about through Chris, at Calmgrove. Barton is his friend, and Mahood a former student.

I know a few friends, two through the Internet and through FB, another is the son of a real life friend, and they all are trying to publish their books. I’d love buying them and reading them when they get published. They are Lisa, with her Amberleight novels, my friend’s son who wrote The Dimensions, and Amy, who writes here.

The list is small so far. If you have published a book, or know someone who has done so, feel free to leave a comment with the title and some information. I’d love to hear about poetry books too.

6 thoughts on “Giving new authors a chance

  1. It’s always wonderful to find a new favorite author, whether they are established or just starting out. The excitement is knowing there is a backlist to explore and/or looking forward to their latest work. 😀

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  2. Hi Silvia! As always, enjoyed your thoughts. Like you, I’ve been very satisfied so far with going through my shelves and discovering some of the treasures there that I had forgotten about. My exploration there has (again, like you) been driven by responding to a couple of Challenges, which so far are fitting me pretty well (just have to sit down now and do those book reviews!). I notice that we have both picked a different novel by Kate Obrien (my choice was The Last of Summer). She’s a “new to me author” that I’ve been meaning to get to for years and years; we’ll have to compare notes after we’ve each finished our respective choices.
    Love your visuals by the way! There’s nothing like a tonal or black & white photo to set the mood!

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    1. Yes, we have to compare notes on O’Brien. I also forgot to mention that I love to see you have many women authors and newer books. I want to read your thoughts on them, since I am very lost in worthwhile more contemporary books, but sometimes I feel for reading some of those.


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