This is not about books, for a change.

I’m not very active at FB anymore. But I keep it to use messenger, and to stay in touch with my family abroad, and with the local homeschooling group I’m part of. But today I have been looking at the FB pics I have, and I had to stop for a second. I was building up lots of emotions. I was remembering the moments behind the pictures, and I was at the verge of crying inconsolably. Instead, I started to type this post. (Maybe the tears will hit me later).

I came to Houston in 1997, married in 2000, bought the house we live at in 2001. The first and only home we’ve had, that has seen my pregnancies, and my girls since they were babies, and our dogs, and our only cat, and all the accidents we’ve had. Such as when I slipped flat on my back, and cracked my head open, (I needed 5 staples), or when my neighbor’s son also slipped and cut his forehead, (three staples). Or when my oldest, at 12, came upstairs with a super sharpened pencil and managed to trip, and stab it close to the neck, and I came to a crying girl with bloody hands, bloody t-shirt, and blood splutter all over the carpet.

We’ve also lived quite intense moments related to illnesses, but I will leave that there. The past is in the past, (Elsa sings, and my mother in law loves to say and has been saying for many years before she started singing about letting go).

I couldn’t count the meals being served, and the many being shared, the books being read to my family or by myself, the arguments and tears followed by hugs and reconciliations, the many bible studies, birthday parties, playdates with friends, parties of all sorts. My husband will give you the front/backyard and garage count, (loan mowed, trees planted and trimmed, veggies harvested, cars washed/serviced in a small capacity, shelves installed and filled with camping gear, house pressure washed…)

We built this house, we have been the first and only owners. Our backyard was like Mars, it had no grass whatsoever. We put every square of grass in our backyard, painted every wall, (many twice, thrice or more), the furniture that has come and gone and being moved, the toys, clothes, VHR videos (yes, our oldest used to watch Barnie in NY on VHR. Then the VHR unit broke, and a few days later, to our dismay, we realized that the Barnie tape was lost with it. It was a bitter/sweet moment. Steve and I didn’t know if to laugh or cry. The girl was so attached to that Barnie tape, she had a hard time when she didn’t have it anymore.)

This house has witnessed our growth as a family, our sorrows and our joys. We don’t choose whether to continue living here. I mean, we could move if we planned to, or circumstances could force us to leave, but since Steve’s work place has been the same for 22 years, and it can continue being the same, it looks like we’ll have some more years ahead.


My in-laws visited us three times, every time they have helped us with the house. My father in law replaced our fence, built us the covered patio, and did some carpentry for us inside the house, -among many other things. Last time they were here, in a month, Steve and his dad counted 40+ visits to Home Depot/Lowes.

These past two years, we saw two terrible floods, specially last August. It’s surreal to think that was only 8 months ago. Our house was close to, but didn’t flood, which make us feel guilty about it. (Our neighborhood was very much affected, as were others around us).

We have innumerable stories tied to the house, its transformation, and all that’s happened in it. We are tremendously blessed to call this house our home. Our girls have lots of special moments too attached to the house. It’s for them to remember all of them as they grow older and maybe leave the house. If all goes according to life’s natural course, we have much less time with them than the time we’ve had so far.

Why am I writing all this?, in part because, with life’s demands and intensity, with the high speed at which we live in this generous city, I forget all that’s good that comes from Him, all we get to enjoy in the little time we are on this earth, all I forget to thank Him for all of it and for everything to come.

Thank you, Lord.

9 thoughts on “If you look at past pictures, chances are…

  1. That picture melts my heart! SO beautiful!
    And this: “If all goes according to life’s natural course, we have much less time with them than the time we’ve had so far”—how has the time gone so fast??? It is right and good, but it still makes me teary!

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  2. A caveat: I’m not in any way religious. But I too don’t take anything for granted, and have many reasons for being grateful — especially when there are so many who are in a worse off position than I’ll ever have been. Long may you have your health, wealth, happiness and family, Silvia.

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  3. You brought back some memories for me as I read this, Silvia – especially the accidents! I also think of all the near disasters that didn’t happen because God was good & yes, there is so much to be thankful for. Loved your thoughts here.

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