Change of Plans

And yet another, (albeit minor), change of plans. After I declared I wouldn’t go on with The Unconsoled book club, I wanted to offer a generous alternative, and I may have gone a bit overboard committing to 3 book clubs over 2 months for the readers, maybe even 3 for myself. Good thing I have wonderful friends ready to come to my rescue, and offer their blogs to host. I’m talking about Karen, at The Simply Blog.

She’s generously offered to host the book club for The Remains of the Day. Her dates are: May 24thMay 31stJune 7thJune 14th. (Maybe one more day for a wrap up post.)

This is so great news, it means I’ll be able to read week by week, and comment and converse with all of you who are reading, and at a much less tight schedule.

Expect then a post by Karen explaining to us how she’s going to take us all through this journey in the spring. (She’ll link to this post, and we’ll let you all know whenever there’s any news about The Remains of the Day book club.)


I’m sad to announce I won’t carry on with the book club on Ishiguro’s The Unconsoled. I’m glad I was preparing for it, this gave me time to realize it’s not a book I desire to read along with others.

I considered possible alternatives, and I find it fair to still engage in reading some Ishiguro together in the summer. I have read these two titles, The Remains of the Day, and The Buried Giant, and both I’ve been wanting to re-read. And I’d still would like to read a book that’s new to me, so East of Eden is my pick.







July 12th, WEEK 2, CHAPTER 14 TO CHAPTER 24

July 19th, WEEK 3, CHAPTER 25 TO CHAPTER 39

July 26th, WEEK 4, CHAPTER 40 TO END

That should keep me busy during the summer, right? Next fall, Lord willing, I’ll lead a book club on a Galdós title that’s translated, -of course. I’ve been wanting to do that for a while too.

As you may have noticed, the last week of The Buried Giant, and the first week of East of Eden overlap. I’m thinking that some will not want to do the three books, and I want whoever that joins any or all, to have a life discussion that happens during the summer before August. August is a busy month for many of us. My plan is to read the two Ishiguro titles ahead, prepare all those posts, and be ahead with East of Eden, but just two weeks or so (since that is new to me.) This way I’ll jump into discussing the two Ishiguros in the summer, and be only slightly ahead with East of Eden and in sync with the discussion as well.

The sections for all three books are on the long side (from a 100 to 150 pages), so you may want to start on the books before the posts come up, or take your time and join at your convenience.

I apologize to those who were expecting The Unconsoled to be discussed.


18 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. These all look great! I’m hoping to join in on all of them! I’ve seen the movie Remains of the Day with Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson but have never read the book.

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  2. I’m definitely joining in for East of Eden! KBB didn’t have a used copy so I’ll keep checking and if I don’t get one there by April or May, I’ll order an inexpensive one online. 🙂 Looking forward to it!

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    • That will be wonderful. Not to brag, but the few book clubs I have hosted have drawn smart readers and interesting conversation. I hope any of those two books work for you, and that the chat inspires you, Rob. I’ll be looking forward to reading some of your thoughts if you get to do it.


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    • I have no doubt that Remains will be a book you’d appreciate a lot. But, does that mean is a book you can do now? (It’s short, ha ha ha, but don’t feel pressured.) It deals with honor, duty, servitude, what’s our goal in life? It was another one of those that made me think about my life serving my Master. Without being religious or spiritual, because of the moral questions it raises, it’s similar to My Name is Asher Lev, -though it’s also a more fresh read since it has perfect pitch humor. Stevens, the butler, is one of my favorite characters of all times. Ishiguro says we are all ‘butlers’, and we all have to deal with ‘fear’, and he’s spot on there.
      Forgive me if I’m “enabling you”, ha ha ha. If not this, East of Eden will be also a great title, (I’ve started to read it, -in order to prepare-, and oh, wow, it is a great book to discuss and a wonderful title to enjoy and glean from. Many of what we appreciate in literature: lots of characters, moral questions, the way they respond, big themes: forgiveness, nature/nurture, relationships…

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