Isn’t this a decadent copy of Wuthering Heights? My dear friend Kim gave it to me for my birthday. Last year we read it together, and both of us loved it. We are in the fun process of picking other 4 or 5 books for these upcoming months. We have To the Lighthouse, by Woolf, The Last Castle, by Denise Kiernan, most likely The Death of a Nationalist, by Rebecca Pawel, Mansfield Park, by the one and only Jane Austen, and one or two more titles we are still thinking of.  She is currently reading Les Miserables, and I’m preparing to read my first long book of the year, Ulysses, (and, ahem, I’ll be reading it in Spanish. I’m a firm believer in good translations.) It’s possible I read A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man first.


The picture below is of my ongoing readings. I’m almost finished with A Circle of Quiet, advancing quickly in The Cross, the last of the engrossing and simply beautiful Kristin Lavransdatter’s trilogy, by Sigrid Unset, translated by the amazing Tina Nunally,  Christian Reflections, (essays by master C.S. Lewis), and Staying Alive, such a varied collection of poems, nicely introduced and arranged by topics by Neil Astley. This was another dear friend’s present last year.


Below, Death of a Nationalist,  The Princes in the Tower, (both book club books), and three amazing titles: a book of essays by Ortega y Gasset, author I adore, The Dehumanization of Art and Other Essays, and two books of poetry recommended by the granddaughter of José García Nieto, Cervantes Price in 1996, the year after Camilo José Cela, one by Alfonsina Storni, the other a Spanish/English edition of poems by Gabriel Celaya. 


Below two books on art I’m intending to read soon. In my twenties, I was obsessed with Magritte.


Two more books of poetry, one I’m always reading, by Machado, and one by Pablo Neruda.


My beauties!

8 thoughts on “Beauties

  1. Love all these pretty books Silvia! And your photography is beautiful too. That C.S. Lewis book is definitely a nice one! Can’t wait to read along with you this year 🙂

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      1. I know! I’m thinking of eventually rereading a few of our past ones…or trying another book by the same author. I’ve been wanting to read Joy in the Morning by Betty Smith 🙂 Supposedly a bit of a sequel to A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

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  2. That is indeed a beautiful copy! Lovely gift. You’re brave to even think of reading Ulysses. Let me know how it goes for you! I want to read James Joyce, as I may supplement some Irish literature in the upper years of AO, but haven’t been brave enough to even glance at his books.

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    1. LOL, I am hopefully reading it along with, or around the same time than Maximilian, the blogger who participated in The Trial by Kafka book club. He’s reading Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy now. I’m reading the last book. In a month time or so, we’ll be venturing Ulysses. It scares me, but I may be ready, who knows? (I will let you know. I believe you may very well be ready.)And if I don’t click, I am old enough to quit and don’t feel remorse, as I do now with a few books here and there.


      1. KL is a brilliant book. I’m halfway through the first one, and so pleasantly surprised. I did just gave up on War and Peace. Two years ago I read Anna Karenina with a friend, and it was a wonderful experience. I’ve been dragging my way through W&P, and I just feel it’s not been worth the time commitment, so I shelved it. I can’t wait for updates on Ulysses.

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      2. That happens to me, that a book is not right for me, the timing is off, or I am not existentially ready for it, lol. KL only gets BETTER, as the trilogy progresses.
        I will keep you all posted with Ulysses.


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