The Trial, Impromptu Book Club


Encouraged by my reader friend Fariba, I’ve decided to read The Trial, by Kafka, and to blog about it in 3 posts.


Chapter 1, pages 1 – 37

Chapter 2, pages 38 – 58

Chapter 3, pages 59 – 88


Chapter 4, pages 89 – 98

Chapter 5, pages 99 – 107

Chapter 6, pages 108 – 133

Chapter 7, pages 134 – 197


Chapter 8, pages 198 – 235

Chapter 9, pages 236 – 264

Chapter 10, pages 265 – 271

No matter what edition you are using, I will be discussing the first 3 chapters on October 16th, the next 4 chapters October 23rd, and the last 3 chapters on October 30th.

There’s many possible editions here, including a free kindle one.

I hope some of you join. (There’s also an Orson Welles movie I plan to watch after I read the book.) He declared after he made it, “The Trial is the best film I have ever made”.

19 thoughts on “The Trial, Impromptu Book Club

  1. Well, I went to our local bookstore to see if they still have the sale on classics but the sale was over. Bummer. Oh well. I’ve got the free version downloaded and ready to go! 🙂

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  2. Wish I could read along with you. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts. It was so long ago that I read it, and I just can’t make the time this fall!

    …..I better not catch myself pulling it off the shelf – must resist reading along!

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  5. I got started on the book early, doubting if I would finish otherwise, and I’m nearly done! I will probably post about it soon, but I’ll careful not to give anything away if I join in the discussions on your blog. I’m interested in seeing the Welles adaptation too!

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    • Yes, I started yesterday and quit only because it was late and I didn’t feel too good, but it is a faster read than I anticipated. I may blog once, so that we can talk at ease. (I thought it was more intense and required a schedule.)
      I too want to see the movie.
      I’m looking forward to the discussion.


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  7. I finished the first three chapters and plan to continue on. 🙂 It does keep me reading Silvia. Whether there is a resolution at the end or not, I do find this so far to be well written and engaging. I’m looking forward to the discussion.


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      • I’m planning to try and write a post on it but it will be a few days. I’m looking forward to reading your post! Oh and I got my post up about Frankenstein. 🙂


      • One thing that needs to be understood about Kafka is that very little of his writing was published during his lifetime. All three of his novels are unfinished. If I remember correctly (and I may not), The Castle even ends in the middle of a sentence! He told his friend Max Brod to destroy his writings upon his death. Instead Brod edited and published them. I don’t know what is contained in your editions, but mine has an appendix with unfinished chapters and passages that Kafka had deleted from the manuscript.

        I’m only halfway through. I remember generally what happens at the end, but most of it I’ve forgotten and only remember as I read on.

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      • This is a good point Katie. I was just reading about that in a book I have about different classic works and their authors. The edition of The Trial I read didn’t have any extra stuff with it.


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