I vented here, I talked to you about my concerns, questions, doubts and what not. It’s only fair I share something else about us.

Life is tidal. Seasonal. And rough. But there’s also moments when you see new growth, appreciation, beauty. When words and actions around you seem to tell you that all this you call life is worth living. Even if things are not as you wish… correction, even when things constantly don’t happen as I wish, they surely are what He knows I need and will learn to love. After all, ordering my affections is not what’s done the week when I despair, but it’s the constant in the christian life of the one who repents, who asks for forgiveness, who prays for guidance, and who starts all over, as many times as needed.


Just like that, my oldest daughter started to prepare an area where to study next year. She also wanted to do a schedule, and go through the books and subjects. I got out all I possibly had for her next year, and we made the schedule together. She wants to start this Monday, to try out the load and see if it works for her. She thinks that last year she could have done more.

Last year was last year. There’s no point in looking at all we could have done but didn’t do. Five years I tried for them to do more than they could. Last year it was a bit different, but I still made most things (if not all), too dependent of me. This year, my oldest daughter tells me she feels that her work load is doable.

I still have to do the same with my youngest, sit down with her and decide on the schedule and work load.


I’m going to share the tentative plans more for us, as a reference. Some may like to see them, some may feel uncomfortable (sometimes is difficult to look calmly at what others do, given that we are all so different). I say this because to me it has been difficult to identify what can be of profit and what only frustrates me and makes me doubt of our own path.  There’s so much out there in terms of homeschooling in general, and specially of a Charlotte Mason way of homeschooling, that I’ve been confused and very scared to decide what we need to do. It won’t be fair to say this only, since I have also learned a lot, and I have been inspired and encouraged too. It’s just a matter of having the courage to be yourself. And as I said in the other blog post, I have to admit that, in all these years, I have not arrived at that point. I’m going to try it, though.

For the 7th Grade Plans, when she’ll be learning about The Modern Age

Common Morning Time with her sister:

  1. Poetry: 5-10 min
  2. Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet) 10-15 min
  3. Grammar/Parsing 5-10 min
  4. The Elements book (just with oldest)

Daily Work: (she will have some time to spend on each of these, we don’t do all 6 subjects every day. After some time is spent on each subject, she’ll move on. The next day, she’ll pick it up where she left, except for math, which she does most every day we do studies). I will alternate between helping her and her sister when needed.

  1. Math (we aim for every day)
  2. History: The Story of the World IV, What Everyone Should Know About the XX Century
  3. Science: It Couldn’t Just Happen
  4. Literature: The Great War Stories, after that one is read, The Winged Watchman
  5. Geography: Halliburton’s Book of Marvels
  6. Biography: The Radium Woman, after that one is read, Albert Einstein

Weekly Goals:

  1. Written Work (from literature, history, geography or biography)
  2. Nature/Science written entry
  3. Copywork, 3x a week,
  4. Dictation, 1x a week
  5. Latin

Sunday Reads:

  1. The girls want me to read Robinson Crusoe again.
  2. Never Give In, the biography of Churchill.

I will have an afternoon time together to look at some art, listen to some composers, and sing hymns and folk songs.

Once a week, starting in September, they have 3 classes at a co-op.

8 thoughts on “Ordering the Affections

  1. How incredibly exciting! It is so good that she wants to get to work. God gives us what we need when we need it, doesn’t He?


    1. A total unexpected gift from her and from Him. He truly knows what we need. I’m so ashamed of doubting Him all the time. But not today. Today I’m renewed and I’m praising Him not just for this, but for everything, -since all those struggles make us who we are and are given to us for a reason.


  2. I love that…the courage to be yourself 🙂 Will remember that Silvia. And I may read the Churchill bio for myself…he’s been popping up a lot lately in different venues and I’m interested in reading more about him. Love the work space and book pics…beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Kim. I won’t read it until much later in the year. You can borrow. For yourself, it should be a not too long book. They are part of a series, we read the Theodore Roosevelt one last year and loved it. I like that they include copious quotes by person they are writing about.
      Our talk did me good. I specially remember to remove the pride, or whatever it is that’s on my way to being myself and allowing them to be themselves too.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. At coop they will have 3 classes in the fall, and 3 in the spring. They are still to be determined, but oldest girl is doing one class on the Constitution given by a mom who is a lawyer.
      Last year they also had science classes through the co-op and the museum, field trips, and lots of celebrations. They love the co-op (and me too).

      Liked by 1 person

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