The Gray House Book Club

The Gray House Book Club


For all of you reading along, on Thursday June 1st, I’ll publish a post discussing the first section to read,

chapters 1 to 7

JUNE 1ST WEEK 1: 1 – 7   LISTENING TIME:   3 hours 52 min 39 sec

it’s up to you to start reading now, or in the coming weeks

June has 5 Thursdays, June 1st is the first of them, followed by:

JUNE 8TH WEEK 2:  8 – 12  LISTENING TIME: 3 hours 40 min 52 sec

JUNE 15TH WEEK 3:  13 – 17 LISTENING TIME:  3 hours 10 min 27 sec

JUNE 22nd WEEK 4:  18 – 22 LISTENING TIME: 3 hours 27 min 48 sec

JUNE 29TH WEEK 5: 23 – 29 LISTENING TIME: 3 hours 35 min 41 sec

If you wish to, at any point, let me know if you want to host this discussion at your blog/FB/Goodreads, or if you want to send me an email with your thoughts that I can publish here, and let me know what week would that be, please. Wherever you host the discussion, I’ll also cross publish it here and link to yours.

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