Curious case of Benjamin Button, F. Scott Fitzgerald ★★
Duration: 02:55:46

Lost decade —
Three hours between planes —
Bridal party —
Babylon revisited.

F. Scott Fitzgerald – Author
Scott Brick – Narrator
Grover Gardner – Narrator
Ray Porter – Narrator
Jeff Cummings – Narrator
Paul Michael Garcia – Narrator

This was a short audio, narrated by different men, a great collection of short stories by Fitzgerald. The first one and the one that gives the title to the book, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, is exactly that, a curious account of a man who is born looking and behaving like he is 70, and who, instead of aging, he gets younger. I didn’t know it was made into a movie, but it has, and it shows high ratings (it features Cate Blanchett and Brad Pitt.) The movie is, as usual, somehow different to the story in the book.

The other stories don’t have anything supernatural like Benjamin Button, they are just stories who could have happened, and in them I saw his Great Gatsby characters, and the society and atmosphere he depicts so well. It was enjoyable. I recommend it.

8 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

  1. For what it’s worth, both of my kids liked the movie–they read the story in English class and got to watch the movie afterward. I thought it sounded like how Merlin had lived…. Some day I’ll get around to reading it I suppose. Very good review.


    1. The movie is a good movie on its own, but not much like the book, it’s just inspired. The book is not a book, it’s a short tale (1 hour long to listen to it).


  2. These short stories are to me reading appetizers. I love the synergies between movies and books. Many books have moved me to watch movies, and the opposite too. Usually movies are different, but sometimes they are better, others they are another interpretation, and some times they are bad interpretations of a book.


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