The Gray House, The Gray House Book Club

Schedule for The Gray House

This is the schedule I’ve planned for our book club. I did it based on the chapters and duration that my audible gives me for this book.

I’ve thought about having a 10 week schedule. But we may not do 10 weeks straight. Every Thursday, starting with Thursday June 1st, I’ll post about the book. It will usually correspond with a book of reading, but, if I feel we need some weeks to catch up, I’ll add them as needed.

Starting date: June 1st, 2017, week 1

News on this will be posted on THURSDAYS!

Ending date: We don’t know, but 10 weeks after we start, or maybe longer.

I’d also love to have others participating some weeks. I’d like for YOU to write a bit about the weekly section we’ve read, narrate a little, make some comments, and ask us some questions. Some book conversation. If you want me to reserve a week for you, I will. If not, just chat as you like through comments here, FB, Goodreads, or email.


WEEK 1: 1 – 7   LISTENING TIME:   3 hours 52 min 39 sec

WEEK 2:  8 – 12  LISTENING TIME: 3 hours 40 min 52 sec

WEEK 3:  13 – 17 LISTENING TIME:  3 hours 10 min 27 sec

WEEK 4:  18 – 22 LISTENING TIME: 3 hours 27 min 48 sec

WEEK 5: 23 – 29 LISTENING TIME: 3 hours 35 min 41 sec

Maybe at this point, we take a week to catch up.

WEEK 6: 30 – 38 LISTENING TIME: 2 hours 35 min 1 sec

WEEK 7: 39- 41 LISTENING TIME:  2 hours 56 min 56 sec

WEEK 8: 42 – 45 LISTENING TIME:  3 hours 42 min 18 sec

WEEK 9: 46 – 48 LISTENING TIME: 2 hours 49 min 31 sec

WEEK 10: 49 – 63 LISTENING TIME: 3 hours 50 min 3 sec

What do you all think?

Expect a post the first of June. It looks far away but it’ll be here before we know it!


14 thoughts on “Schedule for The Gray House”

      1. I’d totally cover it with clear contact paper. The documentary was fabulous (wasn’t it?). I hope you enjoy it, -it’s not going to be linear, it requires some attention, but if we get submerged in the “gray house”, I think we’ll get to meet many interesting people, and think about interesting questions.


    1. I know, I expect it to give us more than the average novel, too.

      I forgot to add, Linda, that this could be a bit demanding of us readers, don’t expect it to be easy to follow, (it is not a linear story), it will have passages that are poetic and written to evoke an atmosphere, we will have to get immersed in the place and let go. And if anyone does not like it, I apologize, and there’s no need to keep reading.

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      1. I’m about to post and update on the book club to clarify this same thing. Have the first chunk read by June 1st, yes, that’s my plan. You can start already if you want. (I don’t want to read a lot ahead, because knowing me, I’ll slip a spoiler for those who rather follow the 10 weeks time). But I have friends who got the book and are reading ahead.
        Also, if you want, you could host the conversation for one or more weeks at your blog. Let me know after I kick this off on June 1st.

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