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This and That

Isn’t this book title and cover fascinating? I think so. This is a present from my beautiful friend, Sherry. It’s her favorite poetry anthology. I got it in the mail today, along with her card which is full of love and encouragement.

Thanks, Sherry. I cannot wait to read the book. The poems are grouped by sections, and each section has an intro to the why and how the poems are there.

Next is another friends creation. Linda crocheted this and another bunny girl for each of my daughters. But only the youngest took pictures of her, and the dresses that my mom in Spain made for her. Her sister was playing with her other bunny and her set of dresses, so not all of them are here.


A friend of my mom made them the shoes and purses with foamy paper. They are adorable, the bunnies. The girls have made them houses, they have furniture, accessories, and what not.dsc_0627r

Tuesday evening, after a morning at our wonderful co-op, we decided to make dinner special, since it was Valentine. I was going to cook salmon, but I tried some fallafel balls too (they turned out flat, but delicious), and my youngest cooked a kale and avocado salad. We also baked a pound cake.


Lastly, my proof copy of the soon to be for sale book arrived. It’s Stephanie Walmsley’s course, Charlotte Mason Made Easy. The course I translated in 2009.dsc_0678rdsc_0680rdsc_0684r


4 thoughts on “This and That”

  1. Those bunnies are just adorable! And all the clothes and accessories are so cute! And congratulations on your translation work in print! Awesome! I’d love to check out Charlotte Mason Made Easy in English. Is it available yet?

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    1. Thanks, Karen.
      After I publish this, it’s Stephanie ‘ s intention to publish her English course. It may take her a while, but Lord willing, it will one day happen.


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