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Whose Body?


Aww, Miss Sayers, I know you’d love to hear that many of us, housewives, enjoy and respect your well crafted mysteries. We think you are a master of details, capable of entertain with the just amount of depth to keep us thinking, and still offering us the perfect rest from the ordinary and the more taxing reads we do.

This is my second time with your Whose Body? I was happy that the ladies at book-club chose this your book that I suggested. I don’t know what my peers who are reading your book would think about you and your book, but I liked it even more this second round.

If any of you is thinking about reading any (or all) of your mysteries, they are the perfect weekend reading, perfect in the summer, or by the fire, perfect at any time and place when one craves an intelligent and delighting read. My friend Katie says you have a wry sense of humor that she digs. See for yourselves:

“Have you any Scotch blood in you, Parker?” inquired his colleague, bitterly.

“Not that I know of,”, replied Parker. “Why?”

“Because of all the cautious, ungenerous, deliberate, and col-blooded devils I know,” said Lord Peter, “you are the most cautious, ungenerous, deliberate and cold-blooded. Here am I, sweating my brains out to introduce a really sensational incident into your dull and disreputable little police investigation, and you refuse to show a single spark of enthusiasm.”

“Well, it’s no good jumping at conclusions.”

‘Jump? You don’t even crawl distantly within sight of a conclusion…

Worth reading, no doubt.

Before I leave, just a word on how I read the book this second time. I listened to some chapters in an audio read by read by  Frederick Davidson. It took me a while to picture him as the voice for Lord Peter. He got better and better though, specially due to his great talent for making voices and sounding different, credible, and not histrionic when impersonating a woman. It was surely fun to hear him change accents to the ‘ad’, and ‘ouse’, instead of ‘had’, and ‘house’, the way some characters talk.

Another highlight of the book  are the relationships, the one between Bunter, Lord Peter’s butler, and Lord Peter himself; and Lord Peter’s and Parker, who works for Scotland Yard. And there’s a Suggs, Parker’s chief. When Parker is being obtuse, Lord Peter exclaims, “”Oh, Charles! I did not expect that from you.This is the purest Suggery!


The pictures are my own, I love these Avon copies that say on the left corner, 95¢.


7 thoughts on “Whose Body?”

  1. I just saw at the library today that there are Lord Peter Wimsey movies too! I’m sure the books are better but it would be interesting to watch some of the films too 🙂


      1. I noticed the DVDs at the Cinco Ranch Library as I was picking up a book I requested 🙂 Have you all been to that library before? It’s a bit out of the way for me but is a nice library. Really big and lots of space!


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