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Book Club Experience


Those violet creams you see in that picture, are the chocolates mentioned in Jane Austen’s novel Emma. Our book club hostesses gave them to us, along with some beautiful reading theme cards and a magnet. Every time we met and someone had traveled, they also brought bookmarks for all of us.

Last year was my first year in a book club that met monthly. Out of the 11 books for the year, I managed to read 10, but I missed 3 book club appointments, one because of the election, two because of my oldest daughter’s illness.

For a short while I was a bit upset about having wasted some of my reading time with a couple of the titles for book club. But then I thought that book club has given me a lot more than just introducing me to wonderful reads. Book Club is a community experience. It is worth being in it, even if a few titles are not great. There was always a lively chat, interesting exchange of ideas and thoughts, and great food. We all shared a bit of ourselves through our contributions, from what recipe or snack we chose to bring, to our comments and questions.

We are a few ladies who share a common faith, and who are different as readers. Yesterday we voted on 20 books, and two of my titles made it,

Whose Body? (which I have read and plan to read again), and

I Am the Messenger, (which I am looking forward to). Disappointing. This book doesn’t pass our moral standards. (I thought it’d be great because I love his other book, The Book Thief). We changed this to,
Murder with Peacocks, by Donna Andrews

Other books I did not suggest but I want to read are:

The Hiding Place,

The Daughter of Time, and

The Prisoner of Zenda.

I have read:

The Woman in White, and

The Painted Veil,

and I think they all make up a great variety for our book club times.

Whose Body? Dorothy Sayers


The Hiding Place, Corrie Ten Boom


Belgravia, Julian Fellowes


The Boys in the Boat, Daniel James Brown


The Painted Veil, Somerset Maugham

The Woman in White, Wilkie Collins


The Daughter of Time, Josephine Tey


A Voice in the Wind, Francine Rivers


I Am the Messanger, Markus Zusak

Murder with Peacocks

The Prisoner of Zenda, Anthony Hope


Victoria, Daisy Goodwin



9 thoughts on “Book Club Experience”

    1. If there is no spoilers, I will read your review. The book club lady who recommended it said it was not fast paced, it grew on her slowly, but she liked the book very much. (Daughter of Time was pick #1 in our voting, I know it will be a good book to discuss).


  1. These are really interesting selections and am excited to hear what you think of them, Silvia. I finally got around to ordering a Dorothy Sayers book from the Better World Books sale you told me about. It’s a nonfiction one, I think – Are Women Human? it’s called. Once I read it, I will pass it on to you if you don’t already have it. 🙂


  2. Oh and I’ve also started Wuthering Heights and LOVE it! So good 🙂 I’ve also read The Hiding Place in the first years of my conversion to Christianity and really enjoyed it. Need to re-read it to the kids too.


  3. PLEASE, do so (the Sayers’ book). I had no idea she wrote that title. It sounds intriguing. I have your Brothers Karamazov for keeps, and, should you like that Sayers’ title, her Mind of the Maker to borrow if you wish.

    I am also loving WH too. We need to meet soon, maybe next week? (there’s a park day next Tuesday also, in case you want to come to that too)

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    1. Super kind of you to pass on Brothers Karamazov…thank you friend! Looking forward to that one for sure. I did that there’s a park day next Tuesday that I’m going to try to be at as along as Abigail is feeling better…she came down with a cold on New Year’s Eve so we’ve been riding it out this week. She should hopefully be better 🙂 Yes…an evening meeting for some hot tea and a good chat is needed. I’m trying to wrap my mind around history again this year…it’s always a challenge for me. Would love your feedback on approaching ancient history 🙂

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  4. I am so excited to be able to participate in a local book club this year! Being able to get together with other ladies to discuss books will be so much fun!

    I’ve heard The Boys in the Boat is good. You’ll have to let us know what you think. My mom and oldest daughter both read The Woman in White by Collins and both said it was very good.


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