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My ‘gray-t’ journey, II

At 3 and 1/2 months (can you tell patience is not my virtue?), here it’s an upgrade of how the hair looks.

Friday night we dropped my oldest at a birthday party, and I went with my youngest and my husband to do some shopping. I never drink coffee, but I fancied some, and back at home, I could not sleep! I watched a video (or a dozen) of women who showed their transition from colored hair into their natural gray or silver hair, and I also decided to do something. I cut bangs, and I also used the thinning scissors to trim out a bit of the outer layer of hair, the more auburn reddish part of it. Nothing drastic, just a bit of a trim to better weather this stage.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I barely use shampoo. Right now, I’m washing my hair mainly with conditioner, and some days I just use water. Despite the pictures, in life, even my gray hair doesn’t feel dry. The color ends, on the other hand, feel dry in my pony tail. But even that bit of thinning got away with some of the coarseness of the colored hair. I know, my hairdresser told me the grays are coarse, but believe me, so it has been my colored hair. Everybody’s hair is different, everyone takes differently to color, to straightening, etc. My story is my story. I have lots of friends and family who love me, who tell me my hair has always been nice. And I believe them. Nobody knows her hair as oneself. And I have a story to tell. I have enjoyed doing things to my hair for many years, not just color, but haircuts. I think except from shaved and the funky colors of today’s youth, I’ve had my hair in every possible way and style. And through the years, every hair cut, every visit to the hairdresser, I’ve heard them all say that my hair was dry. I remember one summer when it was hugely damaged.

Curly hair, my curly hair, gets usually very dry with shampoo. And these past years, I’ve also noticed that color was leaving it dry, flat, without shine, and that wasn’t going to change with expensive hair products, because having to color it or touch up the roots more often, wasn’t going to help it. So, instead of colored dry hair with gray hair framing my face, I’m going to have my natural hair, not as dry, and with gray hair in harmony with the rest of the hair, framing my face. Instead of running a race to dye the rebellious hair around my face (which, by the way, wasn’t coloring that well), I’m embracing it and rethinking my make up and maybe later, my clothes choices.

This morning I wore the hair loose, and it looked fine to me too, but I like the color that frames my face when I pull the hair in a pony tail better than when it’s surrounded by the color dye.

At this stage, I know I won’t do any other corrective coloring (such as lowlights). And I truly should try to continue just trimming some length every few months. I think at the 6 month mark I’ll see how the contrast looks, since it may be more detached from the face, and on the lower part of the hair.

As for make up and colors in clothing, there’s a whole lot of information and advice. Some women claim they cannot wear certain colors once they went gray. One said no yellows or orange colors, but I am not sure about that. At the co-op, there’s a young mom with beautiful white hair with stripes of black, who looked beautiful wearing orange, -she was wearing an orange T-shirt the same color that I seem to do great with right now.

Years ago I researched a lot on types. There’s different groupings and tests, and what not, but I extracted some valuable knowledge from all that research, and I think I got a good grasp of what usually fits my type in terms of clothing style, colors, and more. (I don’t say personality because I think type is more general, it encompasses lots of different personalities, it’s more primary, if you will, just a rough draft of how we approach life and how we relate to others as our first uncensored response). This was not just a fashion type of preoccupation, it was a valuable research for me at the time, one that has stayed with me in the main ideas offered to consideration.

As for make up, one thing I’ve noticed from the various gray ladies advice, that also seems to work for me, it’s to pay attention to the eyebrows. Mine have always been bushy and dark, but lately there’s also some gray hairs in them, so I have eyebrow powder, and a dark brown pencil to take care of the little gaps, and the grays in them.

I feel ready to make it to the 4th month mark at least!, grin.



8 thoughts on “My ‘gray-t’ journey, II”

  1. I am loving these updates, Silvia! You look so great! I’ve read about using only conditioner on curly hair and may need to try. Mine’s more wavy but curls up a lot if I let it air dry. I just never have the right products and my hair gets heavy when it’s too long. Hence, a cut is needed 🙂 Oh and I like your lipstick color. I finally found a drugstore one that I really like and it was on sale recently. I have a few that were given to me as samples from my mom but they’re from a pricier cosmetics company so I don’t get those often. Lipstick has always been the hardest thing to match with my skin tone and I think at 37 I’m finally there 🙂


    1. Thanks, Kim. I’ll keep doing this updates.
      It takes time for some of us to be at peace with our hair, or to find the lipstick we like and can afford, 🙂 My ‘type’ (from the typing thing) was right, I’m the cheap/practical gal, and though going cheap is not always the right way, it works for many things, in my case, for example, I get to use and try different lipstick colors because I buy the inexpensive ones at the supermarket, and creams too (to me, the difference resides in using creams or not, if I remember to use some cream, I’m better off, no matter if it was an expensive one or a cheaper option).
      I like the lipstick you were when I see you wearing it, it looks natural and fun too.


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