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dsc_0482rWe are approaching Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving is a cherished celebration in America. But Thanksgiving is also a state of mind for the christian, a way of life that wants to honor God, to thank Him for everything that we have and are.

I’m thankful for so many things yet I am going to choose a few today. I’m thankful for the little moments and small joys that help us gain courage to face the big difficult situations. I’m thankful for friends who are loyal, and patient, and forgiving.

dsc_0486rI’m thankful for a place I call home, a place that I can work at, and rest at. Sometimes it’s a lot of work, but it also gives us all warmth, a sense of belonging, peace and joy. dsc_0490

As you can see, we continue decluttering. I have enjoyed the benefits of having less in each room. The staff you see came mainly from the closets. I still have many books, but not as many as I used to. Everybody has a quantity of things (be that books, clothes, linens, kitchenware, china, crafting items, etc.) that she is comfortable with, that doesn’t feel as clutter to her. I believe decluttering is a process we all can embrace, or engage in, but that will reflect our different idiosyncrasies. It’s, however, a process that brings several benefits (maybe more to some of us than others). Decluttering applies to many aspects of our human being and activities, it can refer to our need to take a media break, or to the physical task of removing things from a room, and taking them out of your home (hopefully not to your parents’), to have less things to take care of, less things to clean. It can mean a conscious effort not to buy or bring things inside your home, or an activities and events decluttering, where we say ‘no’to possible outings or celebrations, and we learn to guard our time at home, with our loved ones, or to make needed time to worship and serve.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving”

  1. Love this, Silvia. I, too, have some areas that need decluttering already in our new home! I really purged when we moved but stuff has a way of piling up, doesn’t it? I have two areas of my home that aren’t wired for electricity yet and we keep stuffing things into those areas…I hate to dig them out when we put the lights in! Yikes. Who knows what we will find! I hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving. ❤

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  2. Thanks, loyal friend, I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving to you as well. (I wish I were there to help you with those rooms! one pile at a time, dear Amy, you can do this!)


  3. I feel like I’m always decluttering and then adding some new things in. But a home is meant to be lived in and it’s hard to live without things around us 🙂 Yet, too much can be very overwhelming. I really like your cozy little table with the lamp and books. Very inviting…have a blessed Thanksgiving Silvia!


    1. Trust me, my home, as long as we have children, always has stuff around, lol, it’s a constant flow. What would it be like if we did not declutter regularly? I have no idea! You too, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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