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It’s November!


It’s November. We all want the weather to get cooler. I’m ready with this nice jacket I found at the thrift store, but I can’t wear it yet -It’s still hot and humid here.

Ever since I saw Pharrell with a similar jacket, I wanted one for myself, but I thought I’d never found it. I only shop at the thrift store, and get wonderful hand me downs. When I saw the jacket at the thrift store I couldn’t believe it. I googled it for the blog post, and I can’t believe I only paid $6 dollars! I’m realizing this is a man’s jacket, and true, the buttons are to the right, while women’s buttons are to the left. I wore it last week very briefly -it was too hot-, with a colorful necklace, and it felt cozy and fun. In my defense, I’d say I found it at the woman’s section.

Last year I did some research into how to match clothing to how we go about in life, etc. I saw that apparently, black was not a color that favored me. I didn’t make a conscious effort to get rid of black clothing, but somehow, I rethought my closet, and I started to wear items that I loved and were said to be more complementary for me. I abandoned my black pieces for a while until I gradually got rid of almost everything black, and that which I still have, I truly don’t wear.

I still have some black clothing, but if it’s solid black, it’s a bottom piece, for I don’t like how black looks close to my face anymore. I even feel heavy with black, heavy and old, tired. Same with shoes and purses. I truly think that we all gravitate to black without much thought about it. It’s a color that we equate with elegance, it’s very used in uniforms and outfits for formal occasions. However, if you look closely, there’s those who come to life in black, those who look tolerably OK, and those who age and look tired when wearing it (specially as we get older, since youth probably is an added bonus that helps us to get away with lots of not so good clothing/hair/make up choices).

This is not just a fashion observation. When I read Reading Lolita in Tehran,  the author starts talking about the girls she taught at home and how they looked in two pictures of them she had. In one, they were wearing black burkas, in the other, their colorful clothes. And that’s the beginning of the story of those women, of Tehran, and of Nafisi, the author. The book taught me about the ideology of clothing. Most burkas are black or dark, and not by accident.


I’ve also been trying to understand my hair and know what to do with it. It’s always been very dry, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a good grasp of how to style it. I’ve stopped the shampoo again, and I’m only using conditioner to wash it. I had a haircut last week, and I feel it less dry finally. It’s falling out less too. For some reason, these past months I have been losing a lot of hair. Even though the haircut is a recent one, I’ve noticed that I’m not losing that much hair anymore. (It seems as if all that old hair was dead). I also stopped dying it 2 months ago. My hairdresser says she likes when I dye it. She says the color looks good on me. I think the color looks fine, but my grey hair shows earlier every month, and for some strange reason, I think losing hair -in my case- may be connected to the hair dye, -even though I use no ammonia dye-. I want to give grey another try. I’ll share pictures soon!


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