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Prayer Box


Yesterday we celebrated my youngest daughter’s 10th birthday party. It was full of fun and laughter. The girls who came were all so much fun. A friend of mine, a best friend, who came to the birthday, styled the girls’ hair, and we painted their nails too. My birthday girl gave a pedicure to three of her friends. It was a beautiful birthday for a wonderful daughter.

I thought you all would like to see this present she got, a Prayer Box. Her friends bought it like that at Hallmark, but I know I can make this myself. It’s an Altoids box with ribbon around, and paper glued on the outside and inside. I just have to find a small pen, which I think I will, and paper, but that could even be cut to fit the box.


When your head starts to worry,
and your mind just can’t rest, put
your prayers down on paper,
and let God do the rest.


3 thoughts on “Prayer Box”

  1. How cute! You could make all kinds of little boxes like this! I could see decorating a box just to put paper in for little notes and to-do lists.


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