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Small Things

There is so much love and wonder around us, if we only learn to look. There’s numerous quotes about small things, but I fell in love with this one,

The little things others do for me, fill the biggest part of my heart. Likewise, it’s an encouraging thought if some small things I do for others would fill their hearts as well.

When my oldest daughter was in hospital, we were all showered with love, love shown in small things, in bigger things too, in action and words. She received cards, messages, gifts, help, words of encouragement, and lots of prayers. We also received all that, help with my other daughter, meals, transportation, visits, phone calls, emails, texts, offers of help and constant prayers.

I have friends I see regularly, others I’ve met but that I don’t see all the time, and some I have never met in person, yet they are unconditional friends, friends who stay in touch through messages, emails, and old fashioned mail too. One of those friends is Sherry. I need to maintain privacy, so I won’t tell you many things about her, but she is a poet, a farmer, a beautiful soul, a woman who remembers the Lord every day of her life.

I’m going to share a story that leads to Sherry. A year ago, I have no idea how a Ticonderoga pencil got to my hands. This one was a slick black one, with a black eraser, and triangular instead of rounded. I thought, ‘what a beautiful pencil this is’. Then my girls told me their friend Bonnie told them that Ticonderoga pencils were the ‘best pencils in the world’. In our next grocery shopping, we saw some different kinds of Ticonderoga pencils, and we bought some. Awww, there’s nothing more beautiful, I thought, than the feel of a nicely sharped Ticonderoga pencil, not to mention the smell of the package. I love the shining green part that holds the eraser. Such a small little thing. But it makes me extremely happy.

When I’m too stressed, or tired, or down, I stop looking and listening. I then need to reconnect with my Creator, get back to praying more, to slowing down more, and then I start noticing the love and blessings that fill my days.

And one day I decided to read Dandelion Wine, by Ray Bradbury, and I could not believe that he mentioned Ticonderoga pencils in his book!

He brought out a yellow nickel tablet. He brought out a yellow Ticonderoga pencil. He opened the tablet. He licked the pencil.
Douglas licked the yellow Ticonderoga pencil whose name he dearly loved.
And then, quite suddenly, summer was over.
He knew it first while walking downtown. Tom grabbed his arm and pointed gasping, at the dime-store window. They stood there, unable to move because of the things from another world displayed so neatly, so innocently, so frighteningly, there.
“Pencils, Doug, ten thousand pencils!”
“Oh, my gosh!”
“Nickel tablets, dime tablets, notebooks, erasers, water colors, rulers, compasses, a hundred thousand of them!”
“Don’t look. Maybe it’s just a mirage.

That book is one of my favorites. One of those books about nothing and about everything. Bradbury paints a poem in his book, vignettes full of flavors, smells, tastes, music… This book is magical. I learned that others find beauty in small things too. I’m not the only crazy who stares at a purple shinning onion while cooking, and stops to grab the camera to photograph its beauty before cutting it. I hope I’m not the only silly mom who, while cutting cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches in four small triangles, gets tickled by the mischievous crunch she hears. A mom preparing for her oldest girl’s birthday receives more than she gives.

Knowing what a poet Sherry is, I recommended her Dandelion Wine. And last week, a package from her arrived (see first photo). My daughter opened it, I saw only the pencil package and thought, ‘Dandelion Wine’. At home, I saw the nice wrapping slip she printed, and Dandelion Wine it was!

Thanks, Sherry, for filling my heart with small things that aren’t that small.

Thanks, Lord, for filling our hearts with your blessings and your love and mercies.


3 thoughts on “Small Things”

  1. That's beautiful, Silvia, and what a sweet gift 🙂 I love Ticonderoga pencils as well…the smoothest, finest pencils I've used 🙂 I'll have to consider reading Dandelion Wine in the future!


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