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Mere Motherhood, by Cindy Rollins

I was surprised with the gift of this book. I knew I was going to like it, but I happened to love it. Cindy offers us this book written with her heart. I appreciate her transparency, how she tells us all how it is, no filters, and how she respects and honors everybody involved in her story.

I remember Cindy from her blog, Ordo Amoris. I even participated bumped myself in the middle of some book clubs through her blog and the blogs of other homeschooling moms. Cindy intimidated me a bit, or maybe it was the books I was attempting to read along with her, the English language, the other participants… I was clearly chewing more than I could bite and digest. I have never had the privilege of meeting her in person, but if I ever do, I’d thank her for the friends I’ve met through her, the dead ones and the living ones too! I would love to give her a big hug, but knowing how introvert she is, I may simply smile big, and probably shed some tears.

Cindy Rollins is a gift to all of us who want to serve God, homeschool, stay real, and survive it with grace and humor. Her company is invaluable.

Cindy gave shape to ideas that float in many of our scattered mom brains, and left us with principles we need to remember, and real advice weaved through the story of her life.

Point number one: PERSPECTIVE. I readily acknowledge how little perspective my girls or children, young adults, have, while failing to see how little of it I have myself! Just today, I ended up a conversation with a friend exhorting her and myself to remember not to panic and to keep perspective. If I were a tattoo kind of person, that’d be a good candidate for my forehead. It’d make others laugh when they saw me, I’m sure, and I’d get a much needed reminder.

Perspective is a bit like patience or any other virtue we may be praying for. After so long praying for patience, it donged on me I needed to pray for patience in others, to be thankful for the patience they have had to cultivate just by living with me.

A bit earlier than my reading of this book, an article was published at the Charlotte Mason Educational Retreat Blog by Karen Canon. You MUST read it. Consider reading it. If you are convinced that there’d be dragons, know that there’s also a dragon slayer.

The book is not a how to. Thanks, Cindy, for sketching a way and giving so much in terms of what homeschooling can look like, and the philosophy of education at its base, without writing another book to add to the category of ‘books that feed the mea culpa homeschooling mom syndrome’.
What will you find weaved in her biographical book?: forgiveness, education as forgiveness, dangers and idols we erect, the cost of pride and ignorance, the fruits of persevering against the odds and pressing towards the mark, difficulties in our marriage, morning time, Cindy’s advice: read, read aloud, narrate, the phases our children go through, and we along with them, -until they leave-, shattered dreams and real joy, remembrance, the culture we need to grab to and pass to our children, moms as those Irish monks who preserved culture, family as the heart of christianity and culture, bearing children and sanctification, and my favorite, the role of the older mom: prayer… There’s much heart and brains in this simple and captivating memoir.
Reading Mere Motherhood, I cried right away, and in the middle, and I cried and cried at the end. And that was a good cry. Thank you, Cindy, wherever you are (and I’m so happy and a tad jealous that home for you is Chattanooga). Thanks for your book, and for giving me a new favorite verse, with a story attached to it I’ll never forget.

Isaiah 43:18-19
18 “Do not remember the former things,
Nor consider the things of old.
19 Behold, I will do a new thing,
Now it shall spring forth;
Shall you not know it?
I will even make a road in the wilderness
And rivers in the desert.

And thank your children and grandchildren, your husband, and your net of friends (some are mine too).

13 thoughts on “Mere Motherhood, by Cindy Rollins”

  1. Oh my! This was beautiful, Silvia! The book sounds like it is just what we've needed! What an encouragement! ❤️Betty


  2. Well you just pushed me over the edge! I've been staring at that book since its release, knowing it will be worth the money but not quite sure I could bring myself to pay full price now. (You know, CM book junkies that we are – always looking for the best used book deal! lol).

    But this sounds like book is right in line with both our hearts, eh, Silvia? I can't wait to read it.


  3. Great encouragement, Betty.

    Harmony, it was beautiful to read. I was fortunate to receive it as a gift, if not, I'm with you, I may wait for a used copy, or splurge if I got some moneys for myself. (I'm not implying Cindy's book is not worth the price, but I know she'd understand our CM book junkie tendencies, a woman who was sent with some money to buy a high chair, and made it to the used book store first, then to goodwill -to get more books-, and back home with a tattered but working high chair and lots of books, LOL.


  4. I read it very slowly, trying to make it last as long as I could, reliving the blogging years. I miss her blog and the community that revolved around it. So glad I've made real-life friends through her!

    And what a blessing it was to be raising my three sons while reading her experiences with her own. I'm sure my boys are better off because of Cindy's wisdom.


  5. I have her book sitting on my table behind me… We started school this week and I held off picking it up because I didn't want to distract myself too much! I'm hoping to spend some time with it this weekend. I enjoyed your review!


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