It’s almost june

Life is moving very fast. I may have to stop trying to slow it down, because I’m not successful at it. Maybe this is a clue that I have to learn to take it as it is and not worry about a life speed ticket!

In our homeschool, we are working on finishing some planned things, tying some loose ends, but without any urgency. When I look back I see how much they both have grown, not only intellectually, but also physically and spiritually. These past months in particular have been such a blessing. It’s sad some goals in life are at a conflict, and for every action and decision, there’s many consequences, and not all of them are pleasant. I’m still at peace with my decisions. The changes have come as the culmination of many different factors, and all of it has brought quiet and joy, and more vision.

We bought a pop up camper to tow, and we are eager to try it out, and you all will know when that happens, count on it!

This summer is looking nice. We have several nice things going on for the girls, Steve, for myself, and for all of us as a family.

The pop up closed, and opened.

One of those projects is very special, the translation of Mind to Mind, and the wonderful group of volunteers I recruited has almost finished with their part. This summer, Lord willing, I’ll be revising and editing the translation, and at some point, some of us will be formatting the text to publish it on e-book and paper. End of this year, or beginning of next, and Mind to Mind published in Spanish should be a materialized dream.

I have another translation I started to do with a very good friend, but sadly we have not done any work for it in months. I need to get back to that translation of that book written by a woman of courage and a loyal friend.

My readings this year have been quite good (Catch 22. To Kill a Mockingbird, The Makioka Sisters, Middlemarch, City of Tranquil Life). I’m close to finish another remarkable book, Isaac and his Devils, by Fernanda Eberstadt, a great coming of age character driven novel (my favorite type of novel), where what happens is of no importance, and yet the way it’s told makes it so remarkable and significant.

After Isaac and his Devils, I will plunge into this title with my friend Heather, Our Friend Manso, El Amigo Manso, by Galdós. I love to make my friends into Galdós fans, currently I’ve done so with Linda and Heather. A novel with the topic of education, with Galdós as its author, I’m in. (If you read Spanish, this ebook is free, as many other of his titles).

A few years ago, we had a first gladiolus in the summer, and last year they became two. They are in bloom, as regal as ever.

All but one of our tomato plants are doing great. There’s nothing as tasty as home grown tomatoes, plain truth.

The fig tree is replete of figs, and it reminds me of the out-pour of blessings we receive constantly in our life.

Blogger inverts the photos. You can see this paper poppy in remembrance of the fallen in WWI. We got one at the Memorial Day program at the Kleb woods this morning. For 5 years, we’ve been going to the Memorial Service celebrated at the Bear Creek Park, only to have it cancelled this year due to the flooding our area underwent recently. The park is not back to normal yet. They had to move the offices too. We will have to decide on what other celebration to attend. For us, Memorial Day is not Memorial Day weekend holiday or Memorial Day weekend sale, but the day in which we observe the fallen in all the wars our soldiers have fought.
It was a simple and complete overview of why we celebrate this day. We got to read some poems and sing our anthem and You’re a Grand Old Flag.
More plans. See these two books? A few good friends and I plan to read them together this summer. I couldn’t resist to take a peek at them, and they are promising.


Last photo is of the road side, clothed with our beautiful wildflowers, Indian paintbrush, Verbena, wild sunflowers of different kinds…


That’s a bit of what’s happening at home these days, what about you?

2 thoughts on “It’s almost june

  1. I love this newsy post, Silvia! I can't wait to write more on my blog once we are settling in…Issac and His Devils and the Galdos title both sound intriguing…I'll have to keep them in the back of my mind for later! I was trying to think what kind of books are my favorite…when you said coming of age, character driven, it got me thinking. Right now, at this moment in my life, I think I enjoy memoirs the most! Bless you!


  2. Amy,

    I remember you asking about phone pics… you plug the phone like you do with your camera, and upload the pictures. It should not be hard for you.

    I cannot wait to see pics of your trip and your newly remodeled home.




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