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City of Tranquil Light


My dear friend Sherry gave me this book for my birthday. She thought I’d like it, and indeed, it’s one of those books that stays with you long after you close it.

The story, -without spoiling it-, it’s about a couple of young missionaries who travel to China. And truly that’s as much as I would like to say, for you’d have to discover the rest by yourself, if you want to read a book about the meaning of faith and service to our Lord, though it has much more than that.

I believe that well written books transcend the beliefs they convey. I’m not sure if a non believer would particularly enjoy the book, but it’s not at all a moralizing or indulging book, quite contrary, it’s a very humble, simple and profound love story. In the story, the love shown it’s towards enemies, friends, neighbors, the sick, family, strangers, children, espouse, and surely towards God. The book also brings to the reader a picture of changing China over the decades, as well as a bit of their culture and ways of thinking. I loved those bits of culture and life in that ancestral country, so unknown to my western way of thinking and living. It’s also a book about immigrants and generations. Inspiring and beautiful in its simplicity.


2 thoughts on “City of Tranquil Light”

  1. Ohh, I asked for the kindle's sample and now I have to buy it! Hahaha…I loved it and I also read it a bit with my daughter because it was so inspiring!

    Thank you for sharing it amiga 🙂


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