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e79ec-4121And life finds us constantly changing, entering new stages in life, and modifying our spaces to better suit our needs and likes.

After a friend and her three daughters visited us, and the girls got to know those three sisters shared a room (despite of having many other rooms to choose), they asked if we could have their two queen size beds in one of their rooms, and have the other room for play/study. We said yes, and this happened.

These pictures are from the room that has the two queen beds now:

They’ve also merged all their clothes into the room where they sleep, and they’ve hang, as you can see, many pictures and things on their side of the wall. I’m very happy with the result, (even though, between running Wednesday, Zumba at the gymn yesterday, and massive cleaning today, plus grocery shopping with the family, I feel as if I just came from boot camp).

And now, admire the one that’s now toy/study room. All the drawers, boxes, etc., were emptied in the middle. We had cleaned the toys not long ago, yet this day saw two big trash bags leaving the house.





The pile started to get smaller. The girls enjoyed sorting the pens and pencils, and discarding those that don’t work.


Almost there, we will still make a few more decorative retouches, but you can see their school shelf with my sewing machine included, and some games.

The pile is gone! Yeah! The room is taking shape. I can’t wait to find some nice floor level sitting to get comfortable while doing some of our lessons.


The white desk has some clutter that it’s not there anymore, but I was super tired, and I vacuumed and called it a day. (It was 5:30 pm when we finished after working the whole day with only breakfast and lunch break).

Our gameroom does have no toys, and one of their rooms has now all toys plus one nice white shelf that hosts most of their school books. We are shopping for some bean bags or cushions to sit on the floor, because that’s where we like to be while on carpeted areas.

This may be unusual, but I want to share a most wonderful finding with you. This set of bed sheets. We always end up buying not too pricey ones we find at the usual stores around the area, and we never found a set that was comfortable, which pocket sheet covered our thick mattress and never curled you back inside it as in a trap, or sheets that did not end up breaking or getting worn out and flat uncomfortable.
So I looked around at Amazon, and found this product (and they have it in all sizes).
Mellanni Bed Sheet Set –
Brushed Microfiber 1800 Bedding –
Wrinkle, Fade, Stain Resistant –
Hypoallergenic – 4 Piece (King, White)


It was such a win-win situation. They said if you did not like the set, you’d only need to email them and they’d reimburse you, no questions asked, and YOU DON’T HAVE TO EVEN RETURN THEM.
One of the first reviews I read was from a person in Texas who said they were cool when it was hot, and so comfortable she could not believe it.
They are so soft, we have a problem waking up in the morning! I love how they feel, they are crisp and soft too, not too thick, not too thin. And for $37 dollars. Yes, $37 -shipping included!, they are one of the best buys we’ve ever done. (Now our girls want a set for each of their beds).


4 thoughts on “Changes”

  1. How fun! Our bigger two share a room (bc that's the only option until they are old enough for the basement bedroom) but so far they love it
    and told me they never want to split up because who would they talk to before they went to sleep?

    And we actually need new sheets so I'm glad for the recommendation.


  2. Beautiful mi hermana!! And what alot of work!! I know what that is! What precious memories the girls will have of talking into the wee hours of the night and sharing dreams and fears and joys! It's so neat that they chose their new situation!

    Thanks for the recommendation on the sheets, too. Besos! Betty


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