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What’s this podcast thing?

If you happen to have an iphone, even if you bought one just for internet use, without a phone contract, there are something called PODCASTS (recorded audio interviews), that many websites offer and that one can subscribe to and listen to from your iphone with a set of earplugs (or from computer too).

I’m sure there’ll be different applications that “capture” all these podcast subscriptions. A dear friend, Jen, talked to me about PODCAST REPUBLIC.

First you install that on your device. After, you go to places where they offer podcast, click on subscribe, and voila, the podcasts offered by that site will all appear on your podcast application (podcast republic in this case).

I’m subscribed to CIRCE, (are you subscribed to any I should know? Please let me know of any enriching place that offers audios).


You can also listen to free audio books through:





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