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When I first came to Texas, it was for 3 months, and I lived with Mexican friends, and their talk about CHILI was so confusing. “Chile” (chilli) was a confusing term.

There are chiles, or peppers,

and chile is a powder, a spice,

but there are bottles of chile,

and many people put some on fruit like apples, jicama, (also called Mexican turnip, according to that link).

on corn in cups with mayo, or cheese, lemon, etc., and that they call esquites. (and this can be found in some places where I live).

There was also chilli in cans, the Texan version, most known by Wolf, (with or without you, -just kidding, with or without beans).

and there are enchiladas, (green or red ones)

Image result for enchiladas verdes 
chiles rellenos (stuffed chili peppers), and chiles en nogada (nogada being the word for nuez, or nut)
The story of the chiles en nogada is beautiful, y’all should read it. TRULY
Then, there’s American chili, with its many variations. This is our Texan chili,
I contest it should include Fritos. And there is the amazing white chili, chile blanco,
Chili Blanco
in scoops, or the original curly ones
Fritos is a brand name, but it’s a corn chip, and that’s what other manufacturers have to call them.
It keeps getting better. You see this no Frito-Lay brand, their corn chips are even chili cheese flavored!
All super yummy foods and stories, and memories. I cook some of these dishes. Today, while shopping, I took some pictures since it looked like we were buying a lot of this regional foods and products.


Yes. I bought these crunchy shells for tacos, and the box includes taco bell mild chili sauce, and taco seasoning (a blend of spices that includes chili powder).

To the right you can see Rotel tomatoes, which I use for my chili, and there are green chilies in it.

This is the best fruit cake EVER. We bought the last two tins in the discount rack for $5 dollars. It originally costs $29.00. If you like fruit cake (which we do), this is the best fruit cake Texan style, with lovely pecans, by Collin Street Baker, Corsicana, Texas.

This is how the fruit cake looks inside,

In that aisle, we found these adorable “lenguas de gato”, “Katzenzungen”, cat’s tongues. We got one for each of our girls.

Here you see one of our favorite chili salsa, by Texas Brew. Texas Brew is a company owned by Daphne (an Ambleside Online chick who came to our Texan Retreat this summer). (Daphne, if you are reading this, you still owe me a t-shirt). It was on sale, so we bought it. This habanero one has oomph, it’s spicy, and we love it.

I’m going to be cheating this upcoming week. Instead of cooking chili from scratch, I’ll use this two step mix. I’ll add beef, the rotel tomatoes, and pinto beans.

In the last picture you can see chili beans. Those won’t go into the chili (because the chili base is already seasoned). We enjoy them on the side. We had in store coupons that offered a corn bread mix free with each can. We got two.


I hope you have enjoyed the tour. It’s gotten me excited about the upcoming week, the crunchy tacos I’ll make, and the chili I’ll prepare with fritos, and the corn bread too.

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