Small Thought

A few weeks ago, a friend messaged me to confide on me. You know we homeschooling moms, we have very eventful lives. We are humans too, so there’s sickness in some of our households, different struggles (physical, monetary, spiritual, academic, emotional) that afflict us moms, or our spouses, or our children or other family members. And there’s always the dilemma, what should I cook for dinner tonight?

That friend was opening her heart to me, and it was kind of funny when at the end, when I confided to have other struggles too, she said, “I thought you had it already made”. That made me smile and laugh out of compassion. I think we all have our ups and downs. We brainstormed different things that help us at those moments when for different reasons we feel we can’t go on.

She had a good list of tips: take an online break (from any social media, forum, or screen time we have), eat better, go to bed earlier… -maybe she added more I now don’t remember. I also know that focusing on helping someone else, emailing, calling, texting a friend, helps me.

If I start the day close to Him, it’s always a better day. If I didn’t do that, any time in the day is a good time to make a pause and pray, redirect my thoughts, and correct my attitude.

This blog helps me also to put things in perspective. Sometimes a short FB post helps me too, it’s an opportunity for me to count my blessings.

Going out and doing a nature walk serves me to unwind, and it’s a crucial part of my daughters development and education. That is usually of great help.

Given my nature, I sometimes designate the day a cleaning day. I distress when I focus my energy into the home, and tackle a room, closet, or simply do the daily cleaning. (Others may like cooking, or painting, or knitting…)

My favorite motto is Carol’s thought of “doing the next right thing”.

And don’t be a prisoner of your own preconceived ideas of what a ‘good’ homeschool mom is or is not, does, or does not. There are different alternatives out there, and maybe one of those is good for you, or for a season, (schools, day cares, co-ops, classes, sitters…), and that’s nobody’s business to judge, but our private decisions to make.


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