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The Pledge


The Pledge, by Dürrenmatt

“Matthäi walked on. The house was low, with white walls, dark beams, and a slate roof. Fig trees behind it, black soil in the garden. A man was chopping wood in front of the house.” Pg. 23

There was always an awful mess in that room, I won’t deny it, a jumble of books and files. I did that on principle, because in my opinion it’s everyone’s duty in this well-ordered land to maintain little islands of chaos, even if only in secret. Pg. 41,

The first thing that met his eye was a yellow building with a tall chimney, some gloomy old factory, perhaps. But soon the scene became more appealing. The main building was still hidden by beeches and poplars, but he also noticed cedars and a huge sequoia. He entered the grounds of the clinic. The path forked. Matthäi followed a sign: Office. Pg. 86

This is a novella (short novel). I’m enjoying for this last day of 2015. It reads fast, it’s only 169 pages of spacious print and not too small font.

I found this author reading a blog who reviews books in Spanish (Dürrenmatt is a Swiss author who writes in German, and he is translated in many languages, Spanish among them),

I don’t know what exactly makes me like this book so much (I have not reached the end yet, it may change what I think about it so far, or it may not). Dürrenmat is a man of a few words, but each of them count. Add to it, what’s not said or written, that makes up such a powerful atmosphere. It’s very magnetic. Short sentences. Simple words. Penetrating. Pitch perfect.

I’ll let you know what I think once I finish it. I wanted to stop and write to make it last longer. Now, to do some end of the year cleaning. Last chance for my bathroom and bedroom to look clean and nice in 2015!

P.S: And yes, there’s a movie. And yes, Nicholson is in it, as you can guess by my cover. I wish I had gotten this cover instead, but I just went with the least expensive.


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