Some titles I plan to dive in this 2016

(The black book is Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress/Holy War. We’ve read Pilgrim’s Progress and Christiana, but I may read Holy War this year.)

I’m spamming you all with pictures of my downstairs, but this is the final outlook. A friend came yesterday to help me out with some more changes, yes, and this is what we did:

I used the paper for the wreath to cover the panels of my TV cabinet. The book was a bad translation into English of War and Peace (one that my friend in the Ukraine says is a bad translation). The print is small for reading. I remember I prefer to read the Russians in Spanish, huh!, so the book got chopped for decor.

Final look of the dinning area.

Close up of the cabinet and better image of the wreath.
The nest is a real one my friend Lisa gave us, with two real eggs. I added my husband’s dried nosegay from our wedding.

Last Saturday I repainted the kitchen.

My friend Linda’s present, the crocheted doll ornament.

Today we went to a nearby park. The alligators the park is famous for were nowhere to be seen (it was too cold for them). A magical day. We love a cold coke with true cane sugar for the park (they are made in Mexico, they don’t make them with cane sugar in the States). It’s a family tradition to drink some on a park day in December.

The girls took their new bikes with them.

The marsh is so dreamy. I am loving this end of the year, and getting ready for a new one. 2015 was a good year, with its challenges but most specially with lots of blessings.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye 2015

  1. I just love how cozy and warm your home looks.
    Ripping up a book?! Haha, I understand! Some books are just not worth keeping when they're not the best translation. What translation was it? I'm kicking 2016 off with War and Peace, and now I wonder if I got the right translation.


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