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Typed narrations and other writtings

The John Quincy Adams narration
When John Q. Adams ran president for a second time, the people didn’t elect him because he did everything because of duty, not for love of the people.
          “I am running for a second time”
Meanwhile in the north, everyone thought that they should make their own products so they could make more money and save more money they also thought that all the foreigners were putting everything overpriced and that is another reason.  
“I wish we had our own products then we can save more money and that British man charged me $1.50 instead of $1.00 for a carrot!”

And so, the south made lots of good products.
                                               For example:                                      


 “Grown by Americans NOT Indians a product of the U.S.A

At some point of time, the north made the products expensive and the north called it “the tariff of aberration.”
Thankfully it stopped in the long run.

The end 
Arron Burr
Arron Burr wanted to be king of America, so he decided to concur the west. Hamilton was his worst enemy, so Aron Burr challenged Hamilton. Hamilton didn’t want to fight. Hamilton did it anyway because he didn’t want to look like a coward so he accepted the challenge. Arron Burr killed Hamilton, but instead of making him loved and admired, he was hated and looked at in suspicion.     


Shaka the Zulu leader

Once there was a man named Shaka. One day Shaka at the age of 17 decided that he wanted to be chef of the Zulu, so that day he went to his father and made it clear that he would be chef when he died. His father was not pleased and disliked this idea.
Something Shaka was good at was fighting he was always full of anger, because when he was a child, he was not the oldest and he was ashamed of by his father and he was always being bullied by the other boys and he always fought back.

When his father did die he was chief just like he threatened.

The Lewis and Clark expedition narration   
Chapter 2-3 narration
One day Sacachewea, Lewis, and her husband went out hunting. Sacachewea, as usual was carrying little Pompey. Suddenly a big grizzly bear came and ran towards Sacachewea, Lewis and her husband. Sacachewea was brave but her husband ran for himself. Lewis quickly saved Sacachewea and shot the bear almost seven times. Sacachewea was safe!

chapter 1Once upon a time in a deep dark forest, also known as wisp winds, there lived a very young beautiful girl named Ithaca Maple. She had long brown locks, the loveliest freckles in the wood, and a dark blue eye almost purple, though. The girl lived in a two room cottage the cottage had a main room where the seating room, kitchen, and fireplace were. The other room was the basement where Ithaca Maple and her grandmother slept. Her grandmother was a very old lady, she as a matter of fact was a witch, but Ithaca Maple still loved her, for the old woman was old and kind. Ithaca Maple did live in the forest of wisp winds, and had a grandmother who was a witch but she had no idea about any of them. One dark evening when the fog was thick, Ithaca Maple heard the faint voices of wisps,
“Grandma may I please go out, the wisps just might be calling me and my, I’m sure they will take me to lovely place” said Ithaca. 
“No sugar, I would not be so foolish when I was young they led me to a fearful place, that I shall not speak of” said the grandmother.
“Yes” said Ithaca.
Just then, the door knocked, and there came an old lady probably the same age as the grandmother,
“Ithaca get some bread and cheese and get some sliced ginger, please, we have company dear.”
“Yes grandmamma” said Ithaca in reply.
Then the door knocked again.
Ithaca did as she was told, and got up and opened the door, there was a tall straight, pointy chinned and pointy nosed lady, but not at all old but young, and beautiful, Ithaca did not trust her, but welcomed her with a kind smile and a curtsy, the young woman curtsied her back and went in.
  “Ithaca thank you for the snack” said Ithaca’s grandmother.
“Yes thank you it was my pleasure mama” said Ithaca.

Chapter 4 wolves!
It was a cold morning when Ithaca woke up. Titana was still sleeping but Hannah was awake. The fog was thick so they had to stop for a moment in a thick wooded hedge. Ithaca’s grandmother was building a fire with miss Brooks and Hannah was eating a piece of bread with ham
“Hannah!” whispered Ithaca “do you have it?” 
“Yes” said Hannah
Hannah had a small bag with her night gown and some other valuable things in it including the book she took out the book, the book was large and golden at the edge with a mirror at the opening it had scarlet leather all the rest of the way through, Hannah opened it carefully with the key it was a book with writing that Hannah nor Ithaca could read.
“Wait!” Yelled Ithaca
“Look in my Grimm’s fairy tale book, see? Snow White has the book in her hand in that picture and her eyes are deep purple?!”
Ithaca looked puzzled
“I never noticed that?” said Hannah
Ithaca squeezed a lemon in her water and drank some.
Ithaca flipped the book over.
“Oops!” yelled Ithaca!
The lemon water spilled all over the back of the page Ithaca turned, but it wasn’t wet it had extra writing at the back, but only for a few minutes because it would disappear after the juice dried out.
Ithaca began to read and she saw it was a diary and it said,
June 15 1688
I am the princess and many are after me they say that whoever marries me will have good fortune but I am cursed and now all I have left to do is become a sorceress,  so that one day I shall lift my terrible curse and be free.
“Ithaca” said Hannah “they didn’t mention that in the Grimm’s fairy tales book, I don’t understand.”
“Turn to the snow white chapter” said Ithaca
 Hannah turned to the snow white chapter and flipped to the end “and they lived happily ever after” it said
“Why does it say that?” said Hannah
“I don’t know” said Ithaca
“Girls I need help with breakfast!” shouted Ithaca’s grandmother
“Hurry put everything in my bag” whispered Ithaca
Hannah made no reply but only did what Ithaca said. Ithaca hurried and helped Hannah before her grandmother called again.
That afternoon when it was fairly cold, Ithaca, Hannah and Titana went inside the carriage to sleep. Late that night, it started raining hard. Thunder filled the clouds and you couldn’t see 5 feet away.
Ithaca couldn’t sleep until at least midnight Ithaca heard a cry of wolfs
“Hannah! Hannah! Wake up did you hear that?”
“What?” said Hannah?
Another haul sounded
“Did you hear that?” said Hannah
“That’s what I woke you up for!” said Ithaca
 Footsteps came toward the carriage
Ithaca opened her mouth to scream quickly Hannah covered her mouth
“Ithaca silence they will hear you! Don’t make a sound” said Hannah
“Who will hear us?” said Ithaca
“The wolfs” said Hannah
“How do you know that?” said Ithaca
“Because once I heard them and they came very near the hut we used to live in” said Hannah
“Oh” said Ithaca
“We have to wake your grandma up right now!” said Hannah
“Alright” said Ithaca
She quickly woke her grandma up, and told her what Hannah said about the wolfs
“Oh no, I should have known. Come with me for a minute I packed a small book of antidotes to scare off beastly creatures, and wolfs are on the very first page!” said Ithaca’s grandma
Ithaca’s grandma took a small bag out of a shelf in the wall of the carriage. She opened it and took out 2 books one was a small journal where Ithaca and her grandma wrote about magical plants and how to use them and the other was a book of herbs and medicines, she also took out a few pieces of paper, and a quill pen with a tiny bottle of ink, and a piece of toffee.
“Ah there it is!” Ithaca’s grandma exclaimed! “It’s been in this bag for a few weeks”
“Hurry grandma!” said Ithaca in despair
“Oh my, the recipe says we need one tea spoon of thorn bush juice and a cup of poisonous berries!”
“What kind of poisonous berries?” said Ithaca?
“It says that you can use any poisonous berry you can find” said Ithaca’s grandma
The wolfs stopped howling
“They are coming back tomorrow.” Said Hannah “look”
Hannah picked out a small book from her small bag (which was all she had with her) and took a small book of monstrous creatures she flipped to page 150.
“Hannah, where did you get that book?” said Ithaca in great astonishment
“I got it for only a few cents at a small shop in a hill, but when I turned it wasn’t there any more it was really wired” said Hannah
“Well go on and read that thing!” said Ithaca in a rush
“Alright” said Hannah
The book was very old and a cloud of dust came up when Hannah opened it
Hannah read:
The water wolf
the water wolf is a great beast of great vanity it is a very smart species and can set a human trap if disturbed, the day you hear a muffled howl is the sound of warning, which means in 2 hours they will attack if you escape it will become worse, because the wolfs will chase you.
  “Oh no!” said Hannah “this is horrible!”
“What?” said Ithaca “     

 By my 11 year old ————————————————–

Well…….. Camouflage is very important it can save animals from their enemies. Not all animals can do this
But the flounder can do this, the scientist’s put it in
The aquarium with a floor with many patterns and it took the color and patterns and BOOOOMM their suddenly was no more flounder (there was still a flounder but not very visible) it is so incredible it looks like nothing!!!!!!

 Leonardo de Vinci
Leonardo made his canvas in a very interesting way, he made a sketch a little idea of what he was going to paint, but sometimes he had to glue
Several pieces of paper together then he filled up the fabric with a special cotton the size of the sketch then he put the sketch on to it and continued it there on the canvas and once he was finished (about 2 years or more) he painted (another 1-2 years) and waited for someone to buy it or to trade for it.
This is the monalisa it is the most known panting by him, everyone I know knows who and what this it. Leonardo spent most of his years making it.

Pagoo was a hermit crab he was just the size of a pencil dot when he was born,
He ate candy from the sea (not really candy)
He had a little tiny voice in his head that told him what to do Pagoo sometimes did not listen J Paggo was very tiny and his food was smaller imagine how small his food is, I mean think about it he was as tiny as a pencil dot and his food was SMALLER?
Well it was so small that you can’t really see it without a microscope. Paggo can’t live in sweet water it will kill him, because he is from the sea and cannot take something SWEET. Paggo did not think that the sea was blue, under the sea it is not blue like you would imagen it, it is brown and dirty down under. 

Helens magical journey
A long time ago in a small cottage a girl named Helen lived with her mother Cornelia. She had a very small dog named tony but she called him little flay sometimes cause she liked “Flay” much better than tony. She and her dad and her puppy lived happy but it was very poor in France at those times nearly any people had food but there Mother was a very wealthy person and had the money for all they needed. She had a friend whose name was Mary
And she had a dad named Drew. Helen and Mary liked to play on the hills and run around, or sing to the birds or even read Shakespeare together! “Oh Mary I love Romeo and Juliet the best” “oh no Helen” said Mary “I prefer a midsummers night dream the best”.  Mary liked dancing but Helen liked playing the violin.
Every time Helen played violin Mary would dance, Helen’s favorite song to play was amazing grace Mary’s favorite dance was the dance of the sky.
One day while the girls where curling their hair with bows and lace, Helen’s mother came in and gave them milk and cookies, “here girls this letter is for both of you form the princess your friend”.
“OH! Said Helen and Mary it is from Henrietta”
They opened it and saw the stamp “oh how pretty!”
They both exclaimed, it said: September 15 1817 dear Helen and Mary I am at the lake sitting under a tree, my mother Greta has invited you to my birth day ball I hope you are doing okay R.S.V.P Henrietta. “Oh we better go tell are parents” said Helen, and that is just what they did! After a couple of weeks passed it was time for the ball, Mary and Helen got ready with lace trimmed dresses with bows on the sides with pink trim and golden slippers with their hair all fancy.
So then they went off in there carriage to the ball.

By my 9 year old


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