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I’m Walking on Sunshine

Anne brought that song back to me. Now I’m listening to it and loving it. 

This was our exam week, which was also a vacation week of sorts. We are enjoying it so far. The girls worked on video taping and editing some narrations, writing others, told me about their favorite Corot painting, played their instruments pieces, sang hymns and folk songs, did some math, answered some grammar questions, etc. (My exam pages had more items to answer to, but that’s ok, they did what they did, and, as always, they surprise me with what they know, remember, and how much they care, and it’s always a good opportunity for me to reflect on the past three months.

We all need to find our best way and pace. I believe it was good for us to put closure to these first months, and call our first term finished. What we will do it’s to continue with the rest of the non finished readings this term in our next one in January. In the mean time, we will be doing a “holiday term”, or Thanksgiving/Christmas related readings and more. (If we get some more of the lesson books, that’s welcome too 🙂


I made this simple autumn banner just for fun, while the girls were happy drawing and cutting some items (Olaf and Molaf, 🙂 for theirs.


We had dentist today, and it’s such a blessing to never have any problems at all with the girls’ teeth. My oldest wore a retainer and partial braces, but after that, her teeth now remain straight and beautiful.

Health is something we overlook when we have it. Right now I know many who don’t enjoy a good measure of health, and my heart aches for them. I also know others who are moving or soon will move, or that recently move. That’s also hard. And others are expecting new ones. Life is at different stages for us all. As my dentist said, (she is a woman of 70+ with vitality and the heart of a child), we need to keep up that positive outlook, that happiness that comes from the inside. That’s right. And don’t forget the Lord, he has the whole world in His hands.

This girl you see below will soon be nine. She is right now typing a narration about Leonardo Da Vinci, and I pasted her narration of Pagoo. (She used those different colors and all). I love her to pieces. She is my Craftsman Person (if you care for my newly discovered source of fun, the Meyer Briggs Personality Tests). She is also my rule abide girl, my independent thinker, who also likes to joke.


Pagoo was a hermit crab he was just the size of a pencil dot when he was born,

He ate candy from the sea (not really candy)
He had a little tiny voice in his head that told him what to do Pagoo sometimes did not listen J Paggo was very tiny and his food was smaller imagine how small his food is, I mean think about it he was as tiny as a pencil dot and his food was SMALLER?
Well it was so small that you can’t really see it without a microscope. Paggo can’t live in sweet water it will kill him, because he is from the sea and cannot take something SWEET. Paggo did not think that the sea was blue, under the sea it is not blue like you would imagen it, it is brown and dirty down under. 

On Wednesdays, when I take my girls to piano for one, violin for the other, practice, I usually go to a nearby coffee shop and enjoy a coffee while reading a book. For the morning, I choose education, or philosophy, and I write on my common place book. So my mornings with the girls doing practice will be forever linked to Minds More Awake, by Anne White. We had a rough couple of months, August and September, we all hit a wall with music practice. But we have a very special teacher. She was homeschooled, and she is now a young mom. I remember crying in the car while reading Anne’s book section on the will, and how to raise our children, and calling my dear husband for some clarity, and praying for guidance. And He is always faithful, I can tell you we are finding our way this year much more than any other year. Things are starting to settle down. (And it was a good “cry”, the book it’s that sunshine after the rain).


Since I finished Anne’s book, I’ve gotten back to The Aims of Education. I had only read a few pages, so I started again. Well. I have practically copied in my common place book the first 6 pages. IT’S THAT GREAT! Karen Glass recommended me this title, and sure enough, we see Charlotte Mason all over the book (with different names). But it’s not just that, it’s a different style and very refreshing critic of bad education.

Anne brought that song back to me. Now I’m listening to it and loving it. 

This part dealt with the uselessness of testing, or the limits of testing. I love when he said, “We do not denounce it (testing) because we are cranks, and like denouncing established things. We are not so childish.

He defends that all that education encompasses, cannot be imparted by looking at the schedule or curriculum that is shaped just by what the examination subjects dictate.

And we came home yesterday, and I told my daughter to video tape and hand me the camera, and remained on my knees for 10 minutes, and came back for another 10. A spider had caught a cockroach just by one of its legs. The cockroach was jerking and shaking badly. Every time it did that, it was like an earthquake, but it could not detach from the web, neither did the spider flew out of it by the strong impact. It was as someone handcuffed. The spider periodically came to that leg, and seemed to inject it, while also weaving frantically around it.

The closest black dot is cockroach poop. It was as if arguing with the spider, moving its front legs like a possessed creature, and in time, the web caused it to be cradled, and not able to attempt a legs down position anymore. The second time I came out, it was totally immobilized.


And what happened to Ichabod Crane? Ha! This was our last family read aloud, and we have different theories. The end was a bit abrupt for my taste. I did love the descriptive chapters about Katrina’s place. Not just, all his descriptions are quite amusing and the language of the book is delicious.

Next family read alouds will be, The Landing of the Pilgrims and A Christmas Carol.

I’m still reading Don Quijote (I’m in part II, chapter 32)
Invitation to a Beheading, by Nabokov
A short title by my favorite author, Galdós, titled Trafalgar (based on the battle)
Another short one titled Letters of a Woman Homesteader, (fun, witty letters from a woman homesteader, ha ha ha)
And I so desperately want to join my lovely friend Linda, and read Dr. Thorne, which is so far, her favorite Trollope book.

Working on this Thanksgiving and Christmas book piles. They are already better sorted.

Above a simple page (I have another that says December Christmas), where to write about this time.
I have added 12 pages like these above for the next term. In them I’ve simply added for some subjects, what there is for our terms 2 and 3, and we work on subjects/time. Whatever we finish we will, and after the second and third term, I will see how to approach what is to come.
Everything we can accomplish from this plans will be gain. And thanks, Patty, for your advice in the previous post, on staying with an education we the moms value and enjoy.

5 thoughts on “I’m Walking on Sunshine”

  1. I love your plans for the holiday season! This year we'll have to go on quite far up to Christmas. We've not had a normal week yet this year, and with other interruptions coming (of which I know) there's no way we're going to stop now, but we'll lesser the load during December. I believe we're on week 4 of AO since September :p But, it's all good 😀
    Love that song! Thanks for the reminder!


  2. LOVE, LOVE newsy posts! 🙂 I love your daughter's Pagoo narration! And that Rackham illustrated Legend of Sleepy Hollow must be nice, as Rackham's illustrations always have seemed to have a delicious creepy edge to them! The coffee and book time sounds HEAVENLY. 🙂

    Your plan sounds LOVELY, Silvia. I'm shaking in my boots to get my exams ready – I've never done them before and I'd like to try…we are on our last week of Term 1 next week and I have to create something for exams sort of from scratch for 4 students. It's not too difficult, but a little bit of thinking and figuring out, since I did my own plan this year, using the wonderful AO lists and other things.
    I have a Thanksgiving title picked out and two Christmas titles, plus picture books for perusing…not sure if I will do an Advent title this year, but maybe just more poetry. I have my Tasha Tudor Christmas book which has some good things in it. Then we hope to do some handicrafts for gifting and make gingerbread houses. I think we will do some regular lessons, but just a bit lighter, with space to create and think. I love keeping them full of ideas so they don't get bored and into mischief! LOL!

    Thanks for sharing your rays of sunshine! 🙂


  3. We won't be getting to term exams until December. I'm not for sure if we will get all 12 weeks finished before Christmas Break or not. But if we don't, I just plan to do exams on what we have covered and then after Christmas Break, we'll just pick up where we left off. 🙂

    I agree that we all need to find the way and the pace that fits us best.

    I like to take at least three weeks off at Christmas time. We love to watch Christmas movies, bake Christmas cookies and candy, crochet and/or do other holiday crafts, etc. I plan to have some additional special holiday books to read as well.

    We love Olaf. 🙂 My girls got me the movie Frozen for Christmas last year and also the movie soundtrack CD. So yes, I like the movie Frozen. 🙂


  4. Hi Sylvia,

    Well done to your daughters narration on Pagoo. That was a favourite in our household too. Lot's always going in a AO home, but that is life, some days are easy, other days are hard, but either way we are carried day by day and given grace to face each challenge and have joy in the situation. We have one more week of AO5 term 3 to go and then exams and then we are off for a two week holiday. We are longing for a get away, our self contained B&B has been very very busy, and home schooling with that can get quite stressful. I'm excited about coming to the end of the year. Praise God.


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