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Life Goes On

Although it’s the youngest who is on the bike, it’s my oldest birthday present. I cannot believe she is eleven.

We had these web and egg sacs at the garage door, and we don’t know what spider they belong. Better not to take any chances.

I have finished Don Quijote, part I, and I’m on chapter 3 of Part II. I don’t think I’ve ever read part II, but it’s a BIG TREAT, the way it starts it’s fascinating. This is, I declare, my favorite book. Simple.

The one you see it’s The Clockwork Universe, and it was such a fast pace non fiction read. Fascinating to say the least. Very well written, very well. The part when he talks about Newton and Leibniz in the Hanoverian empire is gripping. I wish they made a movie about it. It’s intriguing. But my favorite trait in this must read is the way the author talks about the mathematical and scientific discoveries, how well he presents those, and how he gets to the heart of the history and way of thinking of the different scientists and era. He expands on how it was possible (or impossible) to conceive theories, or advance premises in order to make the terrain fertile for breakthroughs. He also introduces the ignorant reader to the core of the discoveries.

It’s so wonderful to know there are nowadays books like this that will teach anyone reading them, and my daughters, science and maths without having to do it through a boring text that touches only on the surface, when some authors are able to write such enticing and divulge knowledge through books in a way what you learn stays with you forever.


6 thoughts on “Life Goes On”

  1. You've referred to Don Quixote several times now. I really do think it is time to pick up a copy and begin reading!

    As you know, time moves at warp speed when it comes to our children growing up. The other day I was contemplating this fact when my son and daughter in law and their 2 lovely children were visiting. Where did the time go? How is it possible that my son is old enough to be a husband and daddy? In the blink of an eye it seems!

    I love your blog and the glimpses you give of your life. Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. I don't see it in the AO book list, but an AO mom recommended it to me. In y5 a bio on Newton is recommended, and this is for older readers, nothing objectionable, just a book not for children. I guess it could be a book for y10, hs years, it teaches a lot of Renaissance through Newton and others before, contemporaries, and his influence.
    Believe me, science and math are NOT my fields nor my favorite genre, but I had not enjoyed a non fiction this much since after you Marco Polo.


  3. I owe you a longer email, I want to read some titles with you. I love that.
    I see you don't shy off from long titles, and Don Quijote is one of those where the length is so satisfying, as in a friendship, time is a joy, you want more ocassions to share with your friend. There is a rythm to it, long deviations that seem disconnected, but that, on the contrary, they start to show their value along the narrative. It's funny and it gets deeper. I catch myself thinking about the characters during the day. I'm constantly nodding or shaking my head. This can be a good fit for you, or not, but maybe after your challenge you could give it a try.
    It's going to be easier – yet profound -, than other titles you have read this year. It's different than British or American novel, original, a full universe.


  4. Hmmm…the Clockwork Universe illustrations on the cover are beautiful. I'm drawn to books by their covers. 😛 I usually don't gravitate toward the more “scientific” or biographical type books, but this one sounds interesting! 🙂


  5. Amy, I have no doubt in my mind you would love it (I'm not drawn to this type of books at all, but a good friend recommended, and it was a big hit. One of my favs of 2015)


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