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Letting Go

I am letting go of lots of good books.


Because my oldest asked me if we could decluter downstairs. (I thought I had done a good job at that this past summer, but I gave her plan a try). She told me we had a lot of furniture downstairs. We then envisioned what we could get out of the house to make it look better. I knew I wanted the shelf out of the kitchen. I wanted to have the kitchen and dinning area as clear as possible.

We moved ALL the downstairs shelves, and the shelves upstairs, and went through every book we have.

It was such a wonderful experience to go through the books with my girls, especially my oldest. She (my KonMari girl) told me that if I had read a book and did not plan to read it again, I should get rid of it. When we looked at the children book titles, both were saying Yay or Nay, and it was most revealing. They wanted to keep books that mean something to them (I read them aloud to them, they read them themselves, or they are interested). I kept our school books. They don’t object to that. Every year and term they know those school books (living books for different subjects) will afford ideas and delight.

I was going through lots of titles, many I still remember when, or at least the time in life I bought them. When I purged through many picture books, I thought how unnecessary they are. Having so many, does not allow us to see what we have that we love and value.

Then they picked two or three tiers in the shelves to host those valued titles, and the result you can see it in the top picture.

I moved the shelf I had in the dinning area to my room. My room has two tall pine shelves with books I love. I’m back to my plan of reading from my collection. I love my daughter’s idea also of getting rid of as many books as I bring. 
Below you can see my dinning area, with just the shelves under that counter to act as a barrier for the dogs. The brown shelf has their current school books, the white has mainly history, science, biography, natural science, and math books. 

I’m typing this as I hear thunder and see the lightning outside. There is something beautiful about storms when they fall steady and just a bit rough.

And the carrots.

They are from Colorado 🙂

I have a good friend that participates in a veggie co-op called bountiful basket, and every month they get big quantities of a few veggies and a few fruits. This month she got prickly pears, artichokes, and lots of those gorgeous carrots. Today, at shopping time, my oldest wants to buy ingredients we may need for a carrot cake. And I will oblige.


13 thoughts on “Letting Go”

  1. Silvia…I love when you share photos of your home, it's so welcoming and warm. Mine is empty and sort of stark right now in anticipation of showings, so I'm living vicariously through yours. 🙂


  2. I think I am done, and there is always a new layer of purging to accomplish, 🙂 it's really great, it saves cleaning time, and it makes the space feel bigger.


  3. You are fear to me. What an honor to read your comment. We have lived in our home 14 years, it's well curated, and it's a biT back to the beginning but already painted, etc.
    What a perfect opportunity to have an almost empty home, a blank canvass, impart that warmth little by little without too much, Amy, I know you will do a great job.


  4. I don't know why, but it's always so hard for me to get rid of books! The picture books aren't so hard to get rid of once we're past the picture book stage. (which we're not quite there yet) But beyond that, it just gets harder and harder to decide what books to let go of! LOL


  5. A number of years ago I decided to purge my books and offered many of them for sale to several moms in our CM group. At the last minute I thought perhaps I should run this by my dd's who were maybe in 5th and 8th grades at the time, just in case they wanted a few. Well, surprise, surprise! My girls were horrified at the books I was letting go of. By the time they reclaimed all that they wanted the moms' stacks had shrunken considerably.

    It was quite revealing! Both of them are now graduated and they will occasionally “fight” over titles they both want. I continue looking for favorites at library sales as they build their own libraries for the years ahead when they homeschool their own!

    And my oldest dd who is homeschooling using AO has a number of our books “on loan”. She knows she cannot get rid of them without first clearing it with her 2 younger sisters!


  6. I'm so glad you asked them.

    I did this asking them for all the titles. I did not let go of the AO books, they surely love those, nor did I offer to get rid of upcoming AO books either. My 15 paper bags (after a mom bought three bags full Friday morning) were mainly children picture books (lots of those good titles we moms love, and some children too, like Milicent Selsam titles, (and there are many who love those books and collect them, and read them), others were seasonal titles (Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc), and they kept the titles they do value. Maybe this next November and December, we get to read them! I was going to let go of Charlotte Sometimes, and did not because Heather told me her daughter loved it. When I tell my girls a friend loves a title, or that it's a good title for upcoming years, they like that and then want to keep the book. But those 14 bags were not needed. Every family is different, every child is different as a reader. My girls seem to appreciate less quantity than what “I thought” they needed or would love to have. Another example, Marguerite Henry: they loved Brighty of the Grand Canyon, all her other horse books went unnoticed, the other chosen AO free reads, went unread. I rather a child who loves her books and reads faster has those books, than I keep them at my not that big for all those titles home.

    My two shelves (which btw have many AO older year titles), remained mostly untouched. My purge is different. If I start a book and don't quite love it as I thought, I take it in for credit. I browse my shelves occasionally, and get rid of a title here and there, to make room for my more specific buys.


  7. I tend to keep most AO titles that I have that are from the older years. I just don't think I could part with my History of the English Speaking Peoples series by Churchill. And I still have How the Heather Looks that I need to read. So many AO books I have that I still want to read…….but that's a whole 'nother conversation, isn't it? LOL


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