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Bursting with Life

I have not found my groove to write in the blog lately, not because I have no ideas, but because I have so many, they are like pop rock candy. (I wrote an article for the Colorado Retreat Blog, though).

I’m still searching after our back to school rhythm, however, we are liking what we do when we do it, and I count that as gain. We are undergoing good changes this year. I see how I’m evolving, maturing, and though it’s still kind of crazy here, it’s full of life.

I’m trying to find a time a week for our translation project. In fact, I have already emailed the participants to see if we can inject some vitality to that google document, and see added translated parts. I enjoy my role as translator “chief”. I am solving problems and doubts others note for me. I’m enjoy those challenges, it’s like the Sherlock Holmes of language, plus the added expectation of saying it in style too. When we translate, we have much more than the translated sentence the readers will see on paper, we forget we have pondered about all text, specially some sentences and concepts, and it’s easy to believe all that extra is not there in the final product. We eat the fruit, peel and all, we serve you the smoothie. We hope we made it as nutritious as the fruit, and we don’t want it to taste yuck because we loaded it too much, but we don’t also want it to end up watered down and altered like Capri Sun sugary juice.

I want to tell you about my friends. Lovely friends I have: on FB, at the forum, in life, in the books I read. They heal my wounds, share with me, care for me, let me in their lives with love, respect, gentle guidance. They are a blessing. Life is so good. (I was going to write more but I run out of words… for now! 🙂 -oh, dear, I have to tell you how much Heather and I laughed at my way of saying Yosemite ( I said Yo -seh- mite like a mite, and never knew it rhymes with proximity, as in  /joʊˈsɛmɨti/ yoh-sem-it-ee.

On books, reads, and how I view them this year -for the girls and for myself-, I have lots of unedited pages in my head. To spear you from them, I’d just say I may have earned the title of leaving 600 pages books half unread (or half read, if you see the bottle half full!) Are they bad books?, not at all. Am I an inconstant reader? (maybe I am). My explanation (which could very well be pure reader denial, -insert nervous laughter here-, is that some books don’t have what I need right now (I’m not talking about a spoil taste, bent on consuming, but a genuine lack of existential momentum (I even wowed myself with those two words together). I’m writing in a mischievous mood, yet that thought is serious, I’m not finding I have to finish what I start, but put more care in the selection process. Sometimes you have to live half way through a book to realize you are putting it away. I’m glad it’s different with people, aren’t you? I married my husband for life. My friends are also for life. I’m also glad it’s different with Him. Our Lord will never turn His back on any of us. I’m running the christian race for life. Whenever I’m down, I remember at the end there is that crown of life waiting for, yes, miss “nobody” unworthy me-.


7 thoughts on “Bursting with Life”

  1. Thanks for stopping by, Karlita. And to you the same, Dawn!

    I miss you, Amy dear. There is no sense in fighting this season in life, tee hee, I'm trying to submit to the beauty of it.


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