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Annual Nature Box Exchange

It’s a tradition that we have held every year for three years, to do a nature box exchange. Lisa and her family send us many treasures from their nature walks, and we send them less nature treasures and more book hunt findings. (Nothing we find in the city compares to what they delight us with!)

Under the nature box exchange label you can see a previous exchange, and the feathers from last year’s one.

That giant silk moth caught our eye. It’s beautiful and impressive. My youngest and I decided to draw that for our first drawing from the box.

A canadian goose skull, another of their rat snake’s skin, rose petal jelly, rocks, pressed flowers, dry lavender, ground seeds, more feathers, a lovely postcard, two books -not in the picture-, a bounty of nature treasures.

My oldest preferred to draw the quartz rock.


We will keep drawing and hopefully highlighting the items we draw. All this comes from Virginia. Now, we must keep working collecting items for them. (It’s truly fun).

6 thoughts on “Annual Nature Box Exchange”

  1. Thanks, Heather. I'm not so happy with the shade, I am going to require your teaching. You are welcome to enjoy the box contents when you can make it.


  2. Such beautiful treasures! How delightful to receive that box in the mail. You've inspired me to redouble my efforts to make our nature journals a more regular activity, Silvia. (Being consistent is not my greatest strength.)

    I haven't been on the AO Forum much lately either. Hope to see you online in the near future!


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